To ensure full transparency and openness in CIF governance and financing operations and to deter fraud and corruption, the CIF has adopted necessary policies and measures and strives to improve them. All CIF projects and programs are implemented by partner MDBs, and the CIF relies on their well-established transparency and accountability mechanisms.

The CIF is also part of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), a global open data initiative that unites organizations working on international development, ranging from government donors to regional NGOs, foundations, and trusts. The CIF endorses the principles of IATA to report funding data in accordance with the IATA common standard.


Access to information:

Access to information is key to transparency, openness, and effective public participation in the CIF’s operations.

Accountability and integrity:
Suspected fraud and corruption in CIF-financed operations, as well as allegations regarding misconduct of officials, employees or consultants involved in CIF-financed operations, can be reported through the accountability, integrity and anti-corruption mechanisms of the MDBs.

Each MDB has an independent compliance and project complaint mechanism through which individuals and communities, who believe they have been or are likely to be adversely affected by a project or program implemented by the MDB, can express their concerns and seek recourse.

Financial Procedures Agreements
The Financial Procedures Agreements (FPA) outline the legal obligations between the CIF Trustee and each MDB regarding the disbursement and receipt of funds, as well as the corresponding information flow requirements.

Contributions Agreements