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Vol. 1 No. 3 - September 2013

Rural Communities in Niger See PPCR Results

Micro-projects for climate resilience, backed by the PPCR, are up and running and making a difference to farmers and their communities in Niger. Read more

geothermal energy

Tanzania Poised to Transform National Energy Sector

Tanzania is using its newly-endorsed $50 million SREP investment plan to catalyze development of more than 100 MW of geothermal power. Read more

Open Call

India Invests in Renewable Energy Transmission System

CTF $200 million is supporting efforts to build a transmission system from wind and solar power projects in Rajasthan to state and national grids. Read more

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Eliakim Maswi“The effects of climate change on communities like these in the Rio Minho watershed have to be understood and addressed in order to build the resilience of Jamaica. That is exactly what the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience seeks to do.” - Hopeton Peterson, Focal Point for the PPCR, Planning Institute of Jamaica

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...percentage of CO2 emissions that will be reduced in houses financed by CTF $50 million.

GHANA | SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 Approval of FIP funding for Engaging Local Communities in REDD+...

ZAMBIA | SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 Approval of PPCR funding for Strengthening Climate Resilience...

VIETNAM | SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 Approval of CTF Funding for Sustainable Urban Transport...


The CIF's new Measuring Results webpage is one-stop-shopping for CIF M&E reports, toolkits, training, networks, and lessons learned.

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WRI“Going forward, more efforts like the CIF set-asides are needed to raise awareness about business opportunities for potential private sector sponsors in developing countries, particularly for climate adaptation. ” - Mafalda Duarte, CIF Coordinator, African Development Bank

Trust Fund and Sub-Committee Meetings, Washington DC October 28-November 1, 2013

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