The CIF regularly convenes pilot and contributor country governments, multilateral development banks, and other key stakeholders to enable south-south knowledge exchange and share learning based on CIF implementation. These Pilot Country Meetings have allowed for the building of relationships across pilot countries, the discussion of commons issues and the provision of feedback to the CIF’s governing bodies.

Clean Technology Fund

The third meeting of pilot countries and regions participating in the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) took place on Thursday, November 1, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey in association with the CIF 2012 Partnership Forum.  The  meeting provided the opportunity for pilot countries to share experiences, successes and challenges, and lessons learned from the CTF implementation process.

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Forest Investment Program

Credit: Forest Carbon Partnership Facility

Photo: Forest Carbon Partnership Facility

The Forest Investment Program is exploring paths to enhance partnered learning and coordination. One such avenue is the FIP Pilot Countries Meeting, which brings together a mix of participants from government, private sector, civil society, indigenous peoples, and local community groups together with colleagues from the MDBs to foster peer-to-peer learning among FIP pilot countries on practical issues related to the design and implementation of FIP investment plans and other forestry activities.

Pilot Program for Climate Resilience

This meeting will orient new pilot countries to the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) and take stock of how PPCR pilot countries are using their strategic programs for climate resilience (SPCR) to advance the resilience agendas in their countries.

Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program

About the Event:

The SREP pilot countries meeting is expected to attract about 90 participants from at least 20 of the 27 SREP countries, SREP partner MDBs, local participants from Cambodia, and other multilateral organizations including the GCF and IRENA. This will be the first full meeting of SREP pilot countries since 2013.