| Jan 23 2017

Governments spending to avert climate change have stirred a green bond giant inside the global sovereign debt pool worth trillions of dollars.

Feature Story | Jan 19 2017

Climate-smart development and resilience goals cannot be accomplished without careful attention to the linkages between gender and climate.

Press Release | Jan 18 2017

The World Bank, in partnership with the International Solar Alliance (ISA), launched the Global Solar Atlas, a free, web-based tool to help investors and policymakers identify potential sites for solar power generation virtually anywhere in the world, at the click of a button. 

Press Release | Jan 13 2017

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The African Development Bank (AfDB), with support from the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), has awarded a contract to Swedish consulting firm CPMA International to help develop a global Adaptation Benefit Mechanism (ABM).

Feature Story | Jan 12 2017

Since 2008, the CIF has been leading efforts to empower transformations in the energy, climate resilience, transport and forestry sectors. We have been helping to fill the financing gap for climate action, providing $8.3 billion to catalyze and scale up resilience, forestry, and clean energy investments in 72 countries and over 300 projects across the globe. 

CIF investments provide urgently needed resources to help countries manage the challenges of climate change and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

In the News | Jan 12 2017

The United Nations is applauding the launch of a financial tool to track companies’ efforts to prepare for climate change.

Press Release | Jan 12 2017

With support from the African Development Bank (AfDB), Burkina Faso has been awarded a US $4-million loan from the Climate Investment Funds’ Forest Investment Program (CIF FIP) to revive its cashew sector and mitigate climate change. 

In the News | Jan 11 2017

Using waste from vegetable and flower production, biogas is providing energy to Kenya's electricity network.

Buildings are seen near the ocean as reports indicate that Miami-Dade County in the future could be one of the most susceptible places when it comes to rising water levels due to global warming on March 14, 2012 in North Miami, Fla. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
In the News | Jan 10 2017

It seems like just about every week, there’s more news on the rapid melting of glaciers in Greenland, Antarctica and elsewhere — and scientists’ growing concern about their potentially dramatic contributions to global sea level rise.

In the News | Jan 05 2017

In this visualization of the Earth's oceans, distinctive white lines trace the flow of surface currents around the world. (NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center)