In the News | Apr 27 2017

As of 2016, 105,000 beneficiaries in 14 districts, where more than 90% of the population live off farming, are seeing benefits of resilience efforts supported by the PPCR.

In this 2011 file photo, scouts participate in a Greenpeace workshop in Durban. REUTERS/Rogan Ward
In the News | Apr 26 2017

Crowd funding investments in developing countries are predicted to exceed $96 billion a year within a decade - World Bank

In the News | Apr 25 2017

Pointing to the urgency of expanding global action on climate change, a panel of leaders at the World bank/IMF 2017 Spring Meetings discussed the challenge of mobilizing financing for climate action, and the opportunities ahead.

Press Release | Apr 21 2017

"International commitment is essential to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, including by ensuring the availability of the necessary concessional financing." (para 12, pg 3)

In the News | Apr 20 2017

Wetlands - which protect people from drought and floods - are suffering in Kenya's drought

| Apr 19 2017

Gerhard Dieterle, one of the founding fathers of the Forest Investment Program, in conversation with the CIF about his life and career in forestry.  

My childhood shaped much of my career and my choices in life.  I grew up in a small, 150-person village in the Black Forest in Germany.  It was nine years after the war.  Like many people in developing countries now, we could only survive with subsistence agriculture. We had a cow, 12 chickens and a pig.

Following in My Father’s Footsteps

In the News | Apr 18 2017

Scientists are investigating whether releasing tons of particulates into the atmosphere might be good for the planet. Not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

Feature Story | Apr 12 2017

Across the globe, demand for wood products is increasing and expected to quadruple by 2050. This trend is exacerbating deforestation and forest degradation. But it also presents an opportunity for a better approach to farming and managing forests.

Chinese culture has endured for thousands of years.  Unknown Ming court artist, 1538AD
In the News | Apr 10 2017

The Trump administration’s hostility towards climate action and research leaves a void in global climate politics. Could China step up?

Power Grid will make an equity contribution of $135 million for the transmission project that entails evacuation of power from the solar power plants to the grid. Photo: AP
In the News | Apr 07 2017

The Asian Development Bank has agreed to give a 20-year loan of $175 million to Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd to finance a proposed $450 million transmission project for transferring power from new solar power parks to the grid.