AfDB Represents MDBs at Civil Society Discussion
Reclassify | Jan 17 2013

During the 2012 CIF Partnership Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on November 6 and 7, Mafalda Duarte, CIF Coordinator for the AfDB, represented the AfDB and other multilateral development banks on a panel discussing civil society participation in the CIF.

AfDB Hosts CIF Partnership Forum Meeting on Private Sector Engagement
Reclassify | Jan 17 2013

At a CIF Partnership Forum event hosted by the African Development Bank on November 7, 2012 in Istanbul, a panel of speakers considered key points underpinning private sector investment in CIF operations and lessons from specific countries which have been successful at attracting private sector investment.

Mozambique Lays Groundwork for Climate Resilient Future
Feature Story | Jan 11 2013

Mozambique is fortifying climate resilience for its most vulnerable communities inland and along the coast with PPCR backing.

GhanaWeb reports "$50m for Forest Investment"
In the News | Dec 14 2012

Recently endorsed for $50 million, Ghana's FIP investment plan will support efforts to strengthen institutional capacity in forest resources management, expand and diversify management options, improve governance, as well as enhance regulatory framework to streamline tenure and tree rights.

Meeting the challenge of climate change in Yemen
Reclassify | Dec 10 2012

The PPCR will support three major areas of investment in Yemen: establishing a robust climate information system and guaranteeing the coordination of all agencies involved in the PPCR; integrated coastal zone management; and building the resilience of rural communities. An Inter-Ministerial Committee on Climate Change has been formed, and they are pushing ahead with implementation.

Clean Technology Fund Drives Turkey's Renewable Energy Growth
Reclassify | Dec 05 2012

With support from the World Bank and the Clean Technology Fund ($271 million pledged), Turkey is growing its sustainable energy production and energy efficiency. To date, the CTF has resulted in GHG emission savings of 4.0 million tons of CO2 per year, surpassing the government-set target by 25%.

Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Bullish on International Climate Finance to Boost Investments in Clean Energy
Press Release | Nov 20 2012

Addressing the closing plenary of the CIF 2012 Partnership Forum in Istanbul, the Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources said, “Partnering with the multilateral development banks through the CIF has contributed to Turkey’s efforts to scale up investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and smart grids by empowering its own national private and banking sector."

IFC Invests in Sub-Saharan Africa’s First CSP Plants
Reclassify | Nov 17 2012

International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, is investing approximately $143 million in direct financing, and coordinating approximately $264 million in parallel loans to support the construction of two landmark concentrated solar power (CSP) projects in South Africa. IFC also blended $41.5 million in concessional loans through the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) to reduce the impact of elevated solar power tariffs on electricity prices.

Mexico gets $15 million from IDB to support climate change mitigation
Press Release | Nov 15 2012

Backed by the FIP, Mexico will receive $15 million in financial and technical assistance to support the creation of a dedicated financing line, accessible by communities and ejidos or their members, for identified low carbon projects in forest landscapes in five of the states with the highest levels of net forest loss: Oaxaca, Yucatán, Quintana Roo, Jalisco and Campeche.

Asia and Pacific Countries Receive $160 Million for Climate Change Action
Reclassify | Nov 07 2012

“At a time when demand for climate change financing far outstrips supply, we are pleased that a substantial amount of CIF funding has been secured for countries in Asia and the Pacific, a crucial battleground in the global war against climate change,” said Woochong Um, Deputy Director General of Regional and Sustainable Development Department at the Asian Development Bank (ADB).