Press Release | Mar 14 2017

On March 13, the British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ published an article about the Climate Investment Funds that contained a number of claims with which we strongly disagree:

The CIF Secretariat would like to provide some clarifications in the following areas:

The Purpose of the CIF

Nigeria Uses Fossil Fuels for Electricity
In the News | Mar 08 2017

Nigeria, Africa’s biggest oil exporter, may be about to turn sunward to generate more of its power.

Bhutan signs PPCR Project Preparation Grant (Photo: World Bank)
| Mar 07 2017

The project is supported by a preparatory grant provided by the Climate Investment Fund through the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience Program (PPCR). 

Tree-planting project - photo: African Business
In the News | Mar 01 2017

International efforts to tackle climate change are beginning to permeate capital markets more deeply. 

In the News | Feb 28 2017

ADB Says China Needs Massive Infrastructure Investment.


This seven-acre solar plant now provides all the power used on Ta'u Island. Photograph by Daniel Lin
In the News | Feb 24 2017

The island of Ta'u in American Samoa now boasts a solar microgrid from Tesla's SolarCity.

In the News | Feb 23 2017

Mankind’s future ability to feed itself is in jeopardy due to intensifying pressures on natural resources, mounting inequality, and the fallout from a changing climate, warns a new United Nations’ report.

Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program Photograph: Nespresso
In the News | Feb 22 2017

When a company does business that has positive outcomes not only for the customer and the shareholders, but for the environment too, everyone comes out ahead.

Photo: Thomson Reuters Foundation
In the News | Feb 15 2017

Developed countries must urgently do more to promote energy efficiency says leading energy group.

Greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans over the past 45 years have increased the rate of temperature rise to 1.7 degrees celsius per century. Photograph: ISS/NASA
In the News | Feb 13 2017

Researchers behind ‘Anthropocene equation’ say impact of people’s intense activity on Earth far exceeds that of natural events spread across millennia.