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  • Jun 12, 2018

CIF@10 - Celebrating 10 Years of Climate Action

CIF Action 

CIF@10 is a collective movement that welcomes — indeed, encourages — the participation of the global CIF community, from MDB partners, to local actors and private investors. Our partnership has been our strength and our collaboration is a force-multiplier for bringing this work that much closer to the people that matter, our beneficiaries.

Every CIF@10 mission is tailored to the unique local context, to make tangible the link between a CIF investment and improved livelihoods, from CIF-supported biogas facilities that transform waste into prosperity, to concentrated solar power plants that are creating jobs for many and sustainable energy for all.

The CIF@10 campaign honors the achievements and lessons learned from the first ten years of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), with a keen eye on the future. The yearlong effort seeks to show that a shift toward a lower-carbon world is not only possible but already underway through the lens of select CIF-supported projects worldwide. The CIF@10 campaign is also a platform to raise awareness about the critical role concessional finance plays in enabling sustainability, the uptake of renewable energy, and attracting greater private sector participation in climate finance. 

Each CIF@10 mission is guided by three principles, “the 3 Ps”: Project, People, and Partnerships.

Projects & Markets

We have selected projects that highlight the work of all our MDB partners. CIF is uniquely positioned as a facilitator and catalyst to enhance collaboration among the MDBs, and through this partnership, promote knowledge, lessons and results sharing, and efficiency. This unique position enables us to support innovation and lower the risk in investments, and facilitate market inclusion of a broader pool of investors.

The selected projects represent CIF’s global reach in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and offer a glimpse into CIF’s formidable investment portfolio in clean technology, resilience, energy access and sustainability. 


At the heart of this campaign are people. We will shine a spotlight on the changes that these projects bring to people’s lives by unpacking the jargon to convey the deeply transformative impact of our work. 

People like Jeanette, whose access to energy is allowing her to enroll in online degree courses, access medical treatment, and start her own business.

We must show the multiplying effect that these life-changing investments trigger in the socio-economic fabric, as they simultaneously drive economies toward to a low carbon and more sustainable future. 

Change is underway. We have the obligation to support its scaling up.


CIF@10 is powered by partnership. As the world faces an unprecedented and complex challenge, the response demands all hands-on-deck. Interventions of this scale are simply not possible without a sustained commitment and collaboration at local, national, regional and global levels. 

CIF’s agile structure, rooted in a decade of learning by doing, offers the flexible, transparent, and supportive platform needed to bring to bear the efforts of stakeholders, including governments and MDBs, private investors, and indigenous communities, in response to a changing climate.

The CIF@10 Journey

The CIF@10 campaign will allow us to show what has been achieved and to bring the voices of our champions, those who are making these transformations possible, to the global arena. They are our living proof and the voices that can speak about this change in real and credible ways.

This is an enormous undertaking, one that calls on all of us in the CIF community to roll up our sleeves and do our part to show the work that is happening each day, in projects across CIF’s formidable portfolio, so as to show the positive transformation underway, and inspire the drive and ambition to carry us forward. Read about where this journey has taken us so far.