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  • Jun 01, 2018

CIF and Global Delivery Initiative Join Forces to Address Global Challenges with Local Solutions

CIF Action 

The Climate Investment Funds has joined forces with the Global Delivery Initiative to strengthen knowledge sharing across a portfolio that helps countries address global challenges that need local responses.

As the largest multilateral finance mechanism and considered the living laboratory on multilateral climate finance, the CIF has contributed to over 300 investments in 72 countries since 2008.  The portfolio of programs funded span from supporting Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in remote areas in adapting to climate change, to delivering state-of-the art renewable energy solutions. The CIF’s focus is on resilience, clean technology investments and access, is ultimately about helping countries build sustainable, low carbon economies.

The CIF is approaching its 10th year anniversary and the wealth of information, knowledge and experience that it has accrued is unique in the climate finance landscape.

“Sharing knowledge is a tried and tested way to respond to global challenges that need local solutions. This is an opportune time because we are at a point in our own maturity where we can and want to capture the tacit knowledge and lessons rapidly emerging from our portfolio,” said Mafalda Duarte, Head of the Climate Investment Funds.

“We are also excited to connect with other like-minded organizations eager to improve routine development operations through greater attention to learning, knowledge-sharing, and better knowledge management systems,” she added.

GDI’s established expertise in knowledge sharing made the CIF’s decision to join the GDI family very easy. The new partnership also compliments the CIF’s own ambitious Learning and Evaluation Initiative, along with collaboration on mutually-shared objectives, improved learning feedback loops and development effectiveness across operations.

Initially the CIF will work with GDI on six case studies that reflect CIF priorities in access, resilience, sustainability, renewables, clean technology, and adaptation.

“This collaboration will lead to six very different, interesting lenses into the CIF’s on-the-ground development operations, and contribute to the Global Delivery Library to benefit future implementers and practitioners in the climate change arena. The Global Delivery Library does not currently have many case studies related to climate change and the environment, so we are especially keen to contribute to filling this gap,” said Sandra Romboli, who leads the CIF’s monitoring and evaluation work.  

The GDI case studies complement other knowledge and learning initiatives currently in progress, including a transformational change learning partnership, an evaluation of the CIF programmatic approach, financing sustainable forests, the local stakeholder evaluation, and a recent call for proposals on demand-driven knowledge work.

Some of the CIF’s most actionable lessons and findings will be disseminated to the global climate change community as we work to deliver on the Paris Agreement.

The CIF’s living laboratory in climate finance has put it at the forefront of innovation, contributing over 3 gigawatts of new renewable energy capacity and enabling 3 million people to benefit from CIF-supported climate resilience measures. The CIF’s experience also shows that the technical capacity to do things differently exists, but there remains a need to create and support an enabling environment, including securing political.

In a complex and evolving landscape there is a need to expand the climate finance actors to be able to address the multifaceted challenges we are facing. The high variability of local, national and global circumstances also calls for a highly-diversified response that is agile in identifying champions, enables local actions, and brings immediate impact for long-term global effects. The CIF is best-positioned in the field to respond to such evolving dynamics.

Learn more about the GDI: www.globaldeliveryinitiative.org/

Photos: Mozambique WB FIP