• Jun 11, 2019

10 Years of Climate Action

CIF Action 

Mobilizing finance for climate action is a core  development challenge and a multitrillion-dollar economic opportunity.

Closing the expansive gap in climate finance is vital to supporting developing countries in meeting their sustainable development objectives and seizing the rewards of a new climate economy. This has been the mission of the Climate Investment Funds for the past 10 years. With $8 billion, we have built a portfolio of over 300 investments in 72 developing countries.

CIF is helping countries scale up renewable energy and clean technologies, mainstream climate resilience in development, and support the sustainable management of landscapes. As the largest player on the global climate finance landscape, CIF is contributing to one quarter of the world’s geothermal energy output and one quarter of global concentrated solar power capabilities. CIF's projects are leveraging $53 billion in co-financing—including $19 billion from private capital—and we are helping improve energy access for 8.5 million people and strengthen climate resilience for 45 million more.

Click here to download the report and find out more about the Climate Investment Funds' 10 years of climate action.