In the News | Jul 24 2017

China’s solar industry is expected to produce 25 percent more panels in 2017 than last year, supported by domestic sales and demand from the United States and emerging markets, the head of a Chinese industry association said.

Scientists have found evidence that wildfires, like this one near Clayton, California, have been getting worse because of climate change - Reuters
In the News | Jul 13 2017

'You can only be smacked in the face by evidence so many times and not see some kind of pattern,' says scientist.

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Press Release | Jul 12 2017

Morocco received approval for a US $25 million loan from the Climate Investment Funds’ Clean Technology Fund (CIF CTF) for a project to generate solar power through an innovative hybrid Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic (PV) solution.

Photo: Solent News/Rex/Shutterstock
In the News | Jul 12 2017

Shipping companies are under pressure to phase out use of heavy fuels, as world’s first hybrid battery-powered cruise ship set for launch in 2018.

In the News | Jul 11 2017

India is emerging as a front runner in the global fight against climate change, the World Bank has said, noting that the solar power is gradually displacing coal as an energy source in the Asian country.

Afternoon aerial view of cargo shipping containers stacked on docks, in Los Angeles, US, 18/08/2016. Credit: trekkerimages / Alamy Stock Photo.
In the News | Jul 10 2017

Around 22% of global CO2 emissions stem from the production of goods that are, ultimately, consumed in a different country. However, traditional inventories do not include emissions associated with imported goods.

Press Release | Jun 27 2017

The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) awarded Liberia a grant in the amount of US$ 23.25 million to help transform the country’s renewable energy sector. The project aims at developing a 9.8 MW hydropower plant at Gbedin Falls on the Mano River in Nimba County and provide a low-cost, sustainable and reliable source of electricity to Liberia.

Feature Story | Jun 26 2017

Before Maria Rodrigues[1] installed a clean cookstove in her household in Tatumbla, Honduras in 2016, she was skeptical about the benefits it would offer. Having only used traditional cooking methods in the past, Maria imagined that a clean cookstove would require substantial financial resources as well as significant changes to her daily routine. To help Maria overcome this challenge, Fundación Vida, an environmental NGO based in Honduras, provided a subsidy to help reduce the cost of the cookstove by US$37.

Feature Story | Jun 21 2017

The June 2017 Trust Fund Committees of the Climate Investment Funds encouraged learning, knowledge sharing, and the facilitation of exchanges between stakeholders around their shared purpose of climate-smart development.

It was a week packed with rich conversations between country and financier representatives, and the multilateral development bank partners that implement CIF investments around the world.

Growing coffee provides income for about 15 percent of Ethiopia's population and is the country's top export. Climate change is likely to shrink the land suitable for coffee, thereby also hurting the livelihoods of many people. Courtesy of Emily Garthwaite
In the News | Jun 20 2017

Ethiopia gave the world Coffea arabica, the species that produces most of the coffee we drink these days. Today, the country is the largest African producer of Arabica coffee. The crop is the backbone of the country's economy – some 15 million Ethiopians depend on it for a living.