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Gender and Sustainable Forest Management
Sustainable forest management, Gender Publications

Pilot Program for Climate Resilience: The PPCR Monitoring and Reporting System
Publications - external

Plantations for People, Planet and Prosperity
Indigenous Peoples/Local Communities Publications - external

Linking Up: Public-Private Partnerships in Power Transmission in Africa

AfDB CIF Annual Report 2016 - Financing Change for a Climate-Smart Africa
Publications - external

Harnessing the Potential of Productive Forests and Timber Supply Chains
Private sector, Sustainable forest management Publications

Global Tracking Framework 2017
Cookstoves, Renewable Energy Publications - external

Gender and Renewable Energy: Entry Points for Women's Livelihoods and Employment
Gender, Renewable Energy Publications

Clean Energy Mini-Grids: Once a Holy Grail, Now a Reality
Mini Grid Publications

Dedicated Grant Mechanism (DGM) for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities - Annual Report 2016
Indigenous Peoples/Local Communities

SREP Fact Sheet (November 2016)

Private Sector Investment in Climate Adaptation in Developing Countries
Private sector Publications

Renewable Energy in Kazakhstan
Renewable Energy Publications

IFC Advisory Helps Farmers Adapt to Climate Change
Private sector Publications - external

Multilateral Development Banking for this Century's Development Challenges: Five Recommendations to Shareholders of the Old and New Multilateral Development Banks
Publications - external

Gender Assessment of the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) financed District Heating Project in the City of Lutsk, Ukraine

The Gender Assessment of the Turkey Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility-TuREEFF
Energy Efficiency, Gender Publications

Financing Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Infrastructure: The Role of Climate Finance and Green Financial Systems
Publications - external

CTF Fact Sheet (November 2016)
Bus/Rail/Transit, Renewable Energy, Private sector Fact Sheets

AfDB 2015 Midyear Overview

2014 AfDB CIF Annual Report
Publications - external

2015 AfDB CIF Annual Report
Publications - external

FIP Pilot Countries Meeting
Forest Monitoring/MRV Knowledge Note

2015 Joint Report on Multilateral Development Banks' Climate Finance
Financials Publications - external

FIP Fact Sheet (September 2017)
Fact Sheets

Building Gender into Climate Finance: ADB Experience with the Climate Investment Funds
Gender Publications

Investing in Climate Information
Climate Services Fact Sheets
Gender in CSA
Gender in Climate-Smart Agriculture
Gender Publications - external

The Effective Deployment of Mitigation Finance: The Experience of the CIF

PPCR Fact Sheet (November 2016)
Fact Sheets