The goal of CIF monitoring and reporting is to generate, aggregate, synthesize and report data across countries and programs so as to demonstrate results. It is critical to the tracking of performance, the provision of accountability and, above all, to improve ongoing decision-making through learning. Click on icons for each fund’s results information.


Results Resources

These resources on are intended to capture and share lessons emerging from CIF-financed investments and activities as well as facilitate access to the growing portfolio of CIF results information.

Empowering Transformation  
As the CIF moves towards greater levels of implementation, the development and climate finance communities are looking to the CIF for lessons on how to achieve transformation toward low carbon and climate resilient development. 


One of the ways to share key lessons, facilitate dialogue, and promote learning is through publications. CIF publications contribute substantively to our on-going work, to the design and functioning of other climate finance mechanisms and to the wider dialogue surrounding climate change.

Knowledge Exchanges

To distill and extract lessons from its portfolio, the CIF acts as a convener of topical climate discourse. Through regular  knowledge exchanges such as participant country meetings, webinars, workshops, master classes and other virtual and face-to-face events lessons and expertise are shared and interested partners engaged in dialogue relevant to the on-going global response to climate change.


The CIF is specialized in the delivery of financing for energy, resilience, and forests. Within each of these themes, specific actions take place to create transformative change. In addition to the investment plans and projects that supported by each fund, the CIF prepares analytical work, convenes South-South knowledge exchange and works to disseminate the knowledge being built within these thematic areas.