• September 27, 2017 - September 29, 2017
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  • Luang Prabang

FIP Pilot Countries Meeting 2017

The Forest Investment Program is exploring paths to enhance partnered learning and coordination. One such avenue is the FIP Pilot Countries Meeting, which brings together a mix of participants from government, private sector, civil society, indigenous peoples, and local community groups together with colleagues from the MDBs to foster peer-to-peer learning among FIP pilot countries on practical issues related to the design and implementation of FIP investment plans and other forestry activities.

Meeting Objectives

  1. To foster peer-to-peer learning among FIP pilot countries on practical issues related to the design and implementation of FIP investment plans and other forestry activities.
  2. To learn from the experience of all FIP countries in implementing sustainable forest management practices.
  3. To gather pilot country feedback on key lessons learned within the FIP family.

Day One: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

08:30-09:30     Opening

Opening and welcome remarks from the host Government, CIF and MDB Country Offices.

09:30-10:00     Update on the status of the FIP

Overview of the meeting agenda followed by brief presentation on the status of the FIP portfolio.

Presentation - FIP Update

10:00-10:30     Coffee break

10:30-12:30     FIP Monitoring & Reporting  
This session will present the new updated FIP M&R toolkit. It will take the participants through a step-by-step presentation on how to use the toolkit, a practical example from a FIP country implementing it and an open round of Q&A.

Presentation - Updated FIP M&R System

12:30-13:30     Lunch

13:30 – 16:00  Lessons Learned

This session will explore the emerging lessons from FIP investments and help identify key topics and good examples for additional knowledge sharing, what is needed to deliver on this, and the potential role of the FIP in sharing this knowledge with a wider audience. The session will also facilitate discussion and ideas around the CIF’s ongoing agenda as it moves forward into its 10th year of action, with a particular focus on generating dialogue around the CIF@10. The session will begin with a panel discussion outlining some of the work drawing on experience in pilot countries to date and highlighting key lessons from these. Following a Q&A discussion with the panelists, participants will break into smaller groups to discuss their perspectives on key learning and knowledge sharing opportunities for the FIP and will report back in plenary discussions.

Presentation - FIP Lessons Learned

16:00-17:00     Making the most out of our knowledge and communications

FIP is a living laboratory with a mandate to communicate experience and lessons learned, to showcase what FIP has been able to achieve and build the legacy of knowledge beyond the initial FIP investments. Getting these stories and examples out of the forest and shared around the world is a responsibility for us all and as a FIP partnership we have a ready-made network. There is a range of tools and platforms available for us to do this efficiently at low cost in terms of time and resources. This session will provide an introduction to tips and tools for capturing and sharing your stories.

Presentation - Maximizing FIP Knowledge and Communications

17:00-17:30     Wrap up Day One


TBD                 Joint FIP/FCPF Reception


Day Two: Thursday, September 28, 2017

Joint FIP-FCPF Knowledge Day: Partnership in Action

For the first time the FIP is partnering with the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility to convene a joint FIP-FCPF Knowledge Exchange Day which will include a range of events allowing FIP Pilot Countries to share their experience with and learn from a wide range of SFM, REDD+ and rural development colleagues in public, private and civil society sectors.




Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4


               Transition to sessions


Session 1 (90 min)

Coordinating financing for large-scale climate engagement

SME Financing for Sustainable Forest Management

Successes and Challenges in combating illegal logging and deforestation:

Gender Session 1: Inclusive and Sustainable Forest Management (Presentations)



Transition to next sessions


Session 2 (90 min)

REDD+ Strategy development

Engaging Private Sector in forest landscape programs

Experiences on tenure in forest programs

Gender Session 2: Strategic Alignment and Policy Engagement: What works to make it more inclusive? (Presentations) 





Session 3 (90 min)

Knowledge Café: Several discussion tables where a country can present a challenge or idea for fast-paced 45 min feedback discussions. There would be 2 rounds during this slot.



Transition to next sessions


Session 4 (90 min)

Learning Clinic on FCPF ER-Program development

Communicating on REDD+

Strengthening Climate Action through Stakeholder Involvement

Gender Session 3: Enhancing Equity in Community-Based Forestry and Non-Timber Forest Product Development



Instructions for Field Trip

Field Trip to Project sites
Day Three: Friday, September 29, 2017   

Wednesday, September 27 2017 -
Friday, September 29 2017

Luang Prabang