Events & Meetings

Brown Bag Lunch  12:30 - 02:00pm EST | Light lunch will be served

Join the conversation on how leading institutions are addressing the challenge to develop, finance and implement investments to help businesses and assets in developing markets become more climate resilient.

John Ward (Managing Director, Vivid Economics) will discuss a recent report on the market for private sector climate resilience in developing countries. 

Michaela Seelig (Sustainability & Climate Change Specialist, IADB) will present the challenges and opportunities to supporting climate resilience solutions at the project level.

CHiara Trabacchi (Sr Analyst, Climate Policy Initiative, Secretariat of the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance) will discuss some of The Lab's innovative instruments designed to drive private finance for climate resilience activities in developing markets

Presentation J.Ward (Vivid Economics), Presentation C. Trabacchi (CPI), Presentation M. Seelig (IIC), BBL Invite, Paper: Private Sector Investment in Climate Adaptation in Developing Countries
Thursday, January 26
World Bank Main Complex, Room MC4-100 | 700 18th St. NW Washington, D.C. 20006