Learning Event

Action Learning Event: Upscaling Mini Grids for Low Cost, Timely Access to Electricity

  • Dec 04, 2017 to Dec 08, 2017

Abuja, Nigeria

Over 200 participants will gather in Abuja, Nigeria, for the SREP Roundtable and a week-long series of mini grid events, organized by the CIF in collaboration with ESMAP.  About 20 participants will be representing SREP pilot countries that have been involved in designing and implementing mini-grid projects.  This is the last of three learning events organized by the CIF and ESMAP to facilitate idea and knowledge exchange on mini-grids.

A welder in Entasopia, Kenya

CIF is one of the biggest global funders of mini-grids, with about $140 million in concessional loans and grants allocated to projects in 13 countries.


  • SREP Roundtable, Monday, December 4.  The objective is to share experiences across countries and SREP/CIF programs to accelerate learning in upscaling green mini grids. The roundtable will delve into status and issues; and a discussion on knowledge development and learning.
  • Nigeria Mini Grid Roundtable, Tuesday, December 5.  The workshop will explore opportunities for collaboration and innovation under the new regulatory and financial landscape for mini grids in Nigeria. Private sector developers and financiers, regulators, state governments, communities, distribution companies, and development partners will share what they are doing or can do to facilitate development of mini grids. Participants will learn about how they can take part in a major new US$350 million Government of Nigeria Rural Electrification Investment Program supported by the World Bank, how new market data will help identify the best opportunities for investment, and how the Nigerian government can support new mini grid development.  The Government of Nigeria and the World Bank have requested SREP participants to share their experiences with those from Nigeria.
  • Global Mini Grid Technical Conference, Wednesday, December 6.  Invited experts and panelists will provide their insights on 10 frontiers to accelerate the development of mini grids, including geospatial planning, regulatory framework, access to finance, community engagement, standardized technology & costing, training and skills building, and private sector joint ventures in the mini grid sector. 
  • Nigeria Mini Grid Electrification Clinics on Thursday, December 7.  Attendees will select from among five intensive clinics to better understand the challenges and opportunities unique to Nigeria in off-grid electrification and work toward creative solutions. The topics will include: 1) unlocking barriers to large-scale deployment of mini grids; 2) unlocking barriers to large-scale deployment of solar home systems; 3) financing the master rural electrification plan for Nigeria; 4) creating sustainable projects under Energizing Education program; and 5) energizing economic zones. With your input, we plan to have some concrete recommendations to offer the Ministry of Power and Housing and REA.
  • Field visit to an Operational Mini Grid Project on Friday, December 8.  A field visit to a mini grid project will be organized and will be open to all participants.

This event is organized in collaboration with Nigeria's Rural Electrification Agency - REA


Sheraton Hotel, No.1, Ladi Kwali Way, Maitama