CIF’s Evaluation and Learning initiative identifies strategic lessons across CIF’s portfolio and enables learning that is timely, relevant and applicable to climate programs, projects and strategies.

To learn more about how E&L is bringing to life learning for real-world needs, you can find links to pioneering work on Transformational Change and other priority areas below.


CIF's Evaluation and Learning Initiative established the Transformational Change Learning Partnership (TCLP) to facilitate a collaborative, evidence-based learning process on transformational change. It has three inter-related components, focused on understanding and assessing CIF contributions to transformational change across CIF programs:    

A summary of findings from across the evaluation and evidence synthesis reports, as well as a blog on the two-year learning journey, a related press release, and annexes to the evaluation report are available. Watch this space for more reflections on learning from the TCLP in the coming months.



The CIF Evaluation and Learning Initiative (E&L) is delivering a range of strategic evaluations and learning activities covering some of the most important and pressing challenges facing climate finance funders and practitioners. Read the full list of E&L studies and activities here

E&L prioritizes four key learning themes and related sub-topics, developed through wide consultation and dialogue. Broadly, these include:



Study Report Brief Date
Evaluation of Transformational Change in the CIF Full Report Summary Brief January, 2019
Transformational Change in the CIF: A Synthesis of the Evidence Full Report Summary Brief January, 2019
Evaluation of the CIF Programmatic Approach Full Report Summary Brief October, 2018
Learning Review of the Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Full Report Summary Brief January, 2019
The Clean Technology Fund and Concessional Finance Full Report Summary Brief February, 2019
Scaling Up Rooftop Solar in the SME Sector in India Full Report Summary Brief April, 2019
Effectiveness of Public Financing in Attracting Private Capital in Grid Connected Solar Projects Full Report Coming Soon June, 2019
Evaluation and Learning Partnership on Financing Forest-Related Enterprises Full Report Summary Brief March, 2019
Towards Large-Scale Commercial Investment in African Forestry Full Report Summary Brief June, 2019
Microfinance for Climate Adaptation: From Readiness To Resilience Research Brief   November, 2018
Building Resilience through Decentralised Water Resource Management in the Caribbean Research Brief   November, 2018
Case Studies Documenting Emerging Trends in Adaptation-Directed Microfinance Tajikistan/Jamaica   November, 2018
Innovative or Ancient? Increasing Water Resilience in Nepal Case Study   November, 2018

“Like CIF, the TCLP is itself a journey…we are at an exciting juncture, with answers to critical questions and deeper insights into what will strengthen climate investments to be more transformational in the future.”