From 2003 to 2009, the value of Brazil’s agribusiness exports increased by over 110%. While the conversion of forest areas has enhanced the livelihoods of millions, overexploitation of Brazil’s forest resources threatens to undermine the country’s long-term economic, environmental, and social development.


Among the largest and most affected of Brazil’s forests is the Cerrado, 48% of which has been converted from a savannah biome to be used for intensive agriculture and cattle ranching over the past 50 years. Insufficient information and monitoring of land use and cover have created pressing challenges for local and indigenous communities, preserving valuable natural resources, and reducing GHG emissions.

Brazil is tapping $70 million in grant and near-zero interest financing from the FIP to promote sustainable management and use of previously anthropized savannah woods areas, to maintain carbon stocks and reduce GHG emissions, and to improve the collection and management of information on the Cerrado biome.


The world’s fifth largest country and contains 12% of the world’s forests and 35% of the world’s tropical rainforests


the average number of hectares deforested in the Cerrado region per year

Projects in Brazil

  Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: Funding Proposal for the DGM Project for Brazil FUNDForest Investment Program COFINANCING (USD MILLION) 6.50 FUNDING (USD MILLION) MDBIBRD  
  Development of systems to prevent forest fires and monitor vegetation cover in the Brazilian Cerrado FUNDForest Investment Program COFINANCING (USD MILLION) 9.25 FUNDING (USD MILLION) MDBIBRD  
  DPSP III: Financial Instruments for Brazil Energy Efficient Cities - FinBRAZEEC FUNDClean Technology Fund COFINANCING (USD MILLION) 20.00 FUNDING (USD MILLION) 1006.00 MDBIBRD  
  Environmental Regularization of Rural Lands in the Cerrado of Brazil FUNDForest Investment Program COFINANCING (USD MILLION) 32.48 FUNDING (USD MILLION) 26.43 MDBIBRD  
  Forest Information to Support Public and Private Sectors in Management Initiatives FUNDForest Investment Program COFINANCING (USD MILLION) 6.75 FUNDING (USD MILLION) 8.00 MDBIADB  
  Integrated Landscape Management in the Cerrado Biome FUNDForest Investment Program COFINANCING (USD MILLION) 21.00 FUNDING (USD MILLION) MDBIBRD  
  Investment Plan Coordination Project FUNDForest Investment Program COFINANCING (USD MILLION) 1.00 FUNDING (USD MILLION) 0.20 MDBIBRD  
  Macauba Palm Oil in Silvicultural System FUNDForest Investment Program COFINANCING (USD MILLION) 3.00 FUNDING (USD MILLION) 2.33 MDBIADB  
  Sustainable production in areas previously converted to agricultural use project (under the low carbon emission agriculture plan) FUNDForest Investment Program COFINANCING (USD MILLION) 10.62 FUNDING (USD MILLION) 0.51 MDBIBRD  


The CIF programmatic approach to investment planning and implementation brings strategic value to CIF recipient countries. Working through a transparent, country-led process, the CIF fosters trust and collaboration among government ministries, civil society, indigenous peoples, private sector, and the MDBs that implement CIF funding. Together, they translate Nationally Determined Contributions and other national development and climate strategies into an actionable CIF investment plan. Rather than one-off projects, the plan comprises long-term, sequenced investments that mutually reinforce each other and link to other critical activities, such as policy and regulatory reform and capacity building. Under national government leadership, CIF stakeholders continue to work together to implement the plan, continually assessing progress and sharing lessons learned along the way.