Posted by Inka on Wed 09/04/2013

SREP Pilot Countries MeetingDelegates at the SREP Pilot Countries Meeting in Maldives May 2013 discussing issues linked to enabling environments for renewable energy investments 

Posted by Bradley Lyon on Wed 08/28/2013

Belize stormsBorrowing from the PPCR model, government, business, and community leaders in Belize are coming together to plan a climate resilient future. (video: Government of Belize et al)

Posted by Andrea Kutter on Mon 07/01/2013

Indonesia forest fires

Over the past few weeks, the media have prominently covered the massive forest fires in Riau Province, Sumatra Island in Indonesia; whose haze stretched to areas of Singapore and Malaysia across the Strait of Malacca.

Posted by Patricia Bliss-Guest on Sat 06/22/2013

Wind turbines and birds
(Danish Wind Industry Association/Flickr)