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  • Mar 08, 2017

Wandee Khunchornyakong on Building a Better Future

Dr. Wandee Khun... 

Thailand is located near to the equator and we have three seasons – hot, hotter and hottest!

Climate change action is the duty of all people living on earth. 

We can all help deliver a climate-smart future in a number of ways including using less energy, walking or biking instead of driving, growing more trees and saving water

I want to make a better green world for our next generation and I want to bring solar energy to Thailand.  Solar is clean, endless and sustainable. I think in the near future, solar – instead of fossil fuel - will be the main energy for mankind.  This will be the game changer for the world.

I think women make effective and special innovators.  We are mothers, we help lead our children, we cook, we clean and we work both in the house and outside to help improve the quality of life in the family.  Women tend to have high patience and work well in high-pressured environments. 

I help and mentor other women and my advice to all women is to believe in themselves.  Know that we can make things better, never stop hoping and keep working until you succeed!

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