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"There is no greater threat to our future than underestimating the challenges and opportunities presented to us by climate change. The urgency that sparked the creation of the $8 billion Climate Investment Funds becomes more pressing each day."

—Mafalda Duarte, Head of the Climate Investment Funds

Clean Technology Fund (CTF)   Forest Investment Program(FIP)   Pilot Program Climate Resilience(PPCR)   Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program(SREP)  

​28 million hectares of forest landscape

Expected to benefit from improved management delivered by 14 FIP projects being implemented in six countries—equivalent to the size of Burkina Faso

300,000 businesses and nearly 5 million people


Expected to gain new or improved energy access through 18 SREP projects being implemented in eight countries and one region—more than the entire population of Liberia

+39 million people


Expected to benefit from enhanced climate resilience delivered by 44 PPCR projects being implemented in 15 countries—about the entire population of Uganda

52 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions


Expected to be avoided per year by 70 CTF projects being implemented worldwide—like taking almost 11 million cars off the road*

Large scale, long-term CIF concessional financing

  • Lowers real and perceived risks and costs of climate financing
  • Attracts significant co-investment from both public and private sectors
  • +300 climate-smart investments worldwide

CIF programmatic approach transforms vision into action

  • Translates Nationally Determined Contributions and other development and climate strategies into actionable investment plans
  • Fosters collaboration among ministries, civil society, private sector, and MDBs
  • Mobilizes long-term, sequenced investments for systemic transformation

CIF Step by Step
Investment Plan Preparation 1-3 years
  • CIF invites country to participate

  • Country government, together with MDBs and stakeholders, prepares CIF investment plan 

  • CIF endorses investment plan

Project Preparation 1-2 years
  • Country government, stakeholders, and MDBs prepare project(s) within investment plan

  • CIF approves project funding

  • MDB approves project for implementation

Project Implementation 3-7 years
  • Country government, stakeholders, and MDBs implement project and CIF disburses funds

  • Project reports annually on progress against expected targets until completion

Ongoing Review and Learning
  • Country reviews and amends investment plan in response to evolving national development priorities

  • CIF collects, examines, and shares knowledge gained


*    Based on the U.S. EPA Equivalency Calculator.
Leverage ratio (1:8) computation is based on Committee-approved funding allocations and co-financing figures at the time of Committee/MDB approval.
To enhance efficient use of resources, the CTF and SREP have adopted over-programming to allow more projects in the pipelines than the available resources.