solar power alleviates energy poverty

Ollagüe, a small village close to the Bolivian border is where we meet Janett.

Janett still remembers when the village had electricity only between 5pm and 1am. She particularly remembers the cold, as Ollagüe's temperatures drop sharply and the only heating possible is through electricity.

Luckily, this is all in the past. Today, thanks to CIF and Inter-American Development Bank, Ollagüe benefits from 24/7 access to energy, solar panels connected to a battery for storing energy. So, long gone are the cold winters, as the community can count on electric heaters.

Ollagüe and its community are no longer isolated from the rest of the world, as they can connect through laptops and smartphones. And Janett also points out how they finally have access to healthcare, they can refrigerate their food, feel safer as the streets are lit, and she proudly talks about her upcoming degree, obtained online. A story of true transformation.

"Nowadays we have electricity 24 hours a day and if the children get sick, we can ring a doctor," she said.

For Janett and her community, the dependable electricity provided by solar panels are nothing less than life changing.


Electricity 24/7

Improved health care

Increased income from new businesses

More children in school

Access to online education

Ability to run refrigerators and electric heating


  • 250

    kW solar PV capacity with storage
  • 30

    kW mini wind turbine with storage capacity
  • 349

    days of sunlight per year
  • 24

    hours of green energy per day
  • 1500

    + solar PV panels

“Nowadays we have electricity 24 hours a day and if the children get sick, we can ring a doctor.”

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