A CIF allocation of $13.31 million to scale up REDD+ efforts on the national and community level to provide sustainable livelihoods, reduce deforestation practices, and produce sizeable climate change benefits.


Lao PDR is one of the least developed countries in Southeast Asia. The country has considerable natural resources in forests, water resources, and minerals and these are significant for cultural heritage, environment protection, and economic development. The Government of Lao PDR has recognized the challenge of balancing economic growth with sustainable stewardship of its natural resources, biodiversity conservation, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Lao PDR’s REDD+ process continues to evolve at the policy level and with increased engagement of international donors and pilot projects. The REDD+ Task Force has been established with inter-ministerial representation and will report to the National Environmental Council (NEC) to be chaired by a Deputy Prime Minister.

The $13.31 million project is expected to promote sustainable management of Lao PDRs forests and enhance both carbon sequestration at the national level and livelihood security for forest-dependent communities at the local level.

Objectives and Outputs:

The Project Development Objective is to contribute to national REDD+ efforts to reduce carbon emissions from forests by expanding the national program of Participatory Sustainable Forest Management (PSFM) in Production Forest Areas (PFAs) while developing and piloting Landscape-PSFM in four provinces.

The project will provide access to community development services, training and improved village revenue. This is intended to reduce dependence on natural forest resources and promote in situ biodiversity conservation. The project will use well-tested and nationally adopted participatory land-use planning and forest management processes which can help resolve land use issues, clarify land tenure and resource use rights, and ensure greater consultation, fairness and consistency in land allocation and forest regulation and management.

The project actions make a direct contribution to alleviate rural poverty, promote economic development, and strengthen the ability of local communities to prioritize and implement their own development. Such efforts are expected to attract support from provincial and district authorities as they are well aligned with established Government of Lao PDR revenue and policy implementation objectives.

Gender aspects have been considered throughout the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation to ensure inclusiveness, equity, effectiveness and sustainability project cycles.

The goals of the project are to expand areas under approved forest management plans by 1.02 M hectares and reduce annual forest cover losses from 8,700 hectares per year to 4,800 hectares per year. Moreover, the program aims to enhance carbon storage from assisted forest regeneration and restoration to 14,000 tCO2eq in year 5 and 18,000 tCO2eq in year 10 and reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in project areas by 121,000 (tCO2eq) in year 5 and 243,000 (tCO2eq) in year 10. Additionally, these initiatives are projected to increase the number of people with monetary and non-monetary benefits from forests by 115,000 to a total of 424,000 beneficiaries, half of which are women and half of which are ethnic minorities.

This project summary is drawn from draft project proposals [such as the PAD, PID, SAR, and country investment plan] and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

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Project Details
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Approved on April 3, 2013 (Approved Decision)
Approved amount(s): 
USD 12.83 million (grant funding)
USD 245,000 (MPIS)

Project Preparation Grant
Project Preparation Grant Proposal (Page 89)
Approved on October 31, 2011
Approved amount(s):
USD 500,000

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