The second phase of Mozambique’s infrastructure program that seeks to rehabilitate and construct climate resilient roads and bridges in the Gaza province, following January 2013 flooding.


In a country devastated by severe flooding and elongated droughts, the Government of Mozambique has made progress incorporating climate change adaptation into its development plans, starting with the Roads and Bridges Management and Maintenance Program (RBMMP). RBMMP is a program designed to stimulate growth and reduce poverty throughout the country with improved infrastructure access. RBMMP2, the program’s second phase, has received $15.8 million in additional financing from PPCR and aims to improve population access of all-season roads through maintenance, rehabilitation, and piloting the road network. PPCR’s additional financing to RBMMP2 follows $41 million in April 2011 from the IBRD and IDA.

RBMMP2 objectives have been restructured to incorporate emergency works related to the devastating January 2013 floods in the Limpopo River Basin, as well as introducing a pilot program for climate resilient rural road infrastructure. This project will enable access to markets, health clinics and other services for the population in the Gaza province whose lives were disrupted following the flooding in January.

Objectives and Outputs:

RBMMP2 has been redesigned to: (i) improve the conditions of roads and bridges, (ii) strengthen the country’s capacity to manage roads, (iii) establish financing mechanisms for road maintenance transport safety, and (iv) promote local resources in road construction throughout the Gaza Province. Direct beneficiaries of the project will be concentrated in the districts of Xai-Xai, Bilene, Chókwe, Guijá, Chibuto and Manjacaze, where the most flooding devastation occurred to the roads. Other beneficiaries include neighboring districts who will benefit from access to the improved roads and bridges.

The Road Fund will continue financial management responsibility of the project while the National Road Administration will be responsible for implementation. The additional financing from PPCR will support 2,000 km of paved and unpaved climate resilient roads throughout the Gaza province, including the National Road. The project’s closing date has been extended 36 months from December 31, 2013 to December 31, 2016, to allow the completion of scaled-up climate resilience roads.

This project summary is drawn from draft project proposals [such as the PAD, PID, SAR, and country investment plan] and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

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In the News:

World Bank Funds Climate Resilient Road Works in Mozambique (Worldbank, December 17, 2013)

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Approved on October 17, 2013 
Approved amount(s):
USD 15.75 million (grant funding)
USD 245,000 - (MPIS Second tranche)
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