A concentrated solar project that seeks to increase the installed and production capacity of the Noor Solar Complex and demonstrate feasibility of innovative tower CSP technology in Morocco.


Despite being the largest energy importer in MENA, Morocco has adopted a progressive energy development plan, committed to increasing its’ share of renewable energy generation to 42% by 2020. In 2013, the Moroccan Solar Energy Agency (MASEN) was established to develop and manage 2,000 MW of solar power plants as envisioned under the Moroccan Solar Plan (MSP). MASEN made the decision to focus a large part of the program on developing solar plants using CSP technology with thermal storage. This launched the first phase, Noor I (160MW), at the Noor Solar Complex near the town of Ouarzazate. This project will support MASEN’s second phase at the complex, installing 350 MW with two distinct plants, Noor II and III. A public-private partnership (PPP) between MASEN and a competitively selected private partner will be responsible for preparing and implementing the second phase of the Noor Solar Complex. The project will cost an estimated $3,023 million, with an anticipated completion date in 2017.

Objectives and Outputs:

This project will build on lessons learned from Noor I to implement the second 350MW phase of the Noor Solar Complex to contribute to MASEN’s Solar Plan for 2,000 MW of solar power by 2020. Phase two consists of 2 distinct plants: Noor II, a 200 MW parabolic trough CSP plant, and Noor III, a 150 tower CSP plant. The local population of Ouarzazate will continue benefiting from the economic and social development opportunities that the project will bring, as successfully demonstrated in Noor I. MASEN anticipates that at least 35% of the Noor II and III’s costs will be sourced locally, which will aid in developing Morocco’s industrial base and create jobs. The project is expected to have transformational effects for the MENA region and Europe. Morocco is expected to contribute to the scale-up of CSP technology with strong learning effect.

CO2 emissions avoided are estimated at 240,000 tons per annum for Noor I (160 MW) and 521,670 tons per annum for Noor II & III (350 MW), corresponding to 761,670 tons per annum for the planned 510 MW of CSP at the Noor Solar Complex. It is estimated Noor II and III construction will take 25 to 30 months, with commissioning expected in 2017, and full operational status by 2019. Currently, four private partners have been pre-qualified for PPP.

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Approved on June 27, 2014 (Approved Decision)
Approved amount(s):
USD 119.0 million (AfDB)
USD 119.0 million (IBRD)