Since the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) were established in 2008, the world has seen all too often the devastating effects of climate change, but also the opportunities that solutions present. Achieving a greener future is possible, and the CIF is well placed to share lessons on how to help communities and countries not just survive but thrive.

The CIF 2015 Annual Report "Empowering a Greener Future" shares how the $8.3 billion CIF is leveraging an additional $58 billion in co-financing from other sources to catalyze transformational change in 72 developing countries. By lowering the high up-front costs, risks, and learning curves of climate action, CIF concessional financing is unlocking the potential of low carbon, climate resilient economies.

Explore this report and learn more about how the CIF is empowering a greener future in five key ways:

  • TECHNOLOGIES: Driving down the costs of promising but expensive renewable energy technologies

  • MARKETS: Breaking down barriers inhibiting the development of climate-friendly markets and industries

  • POLICIES: Linking policies and investments to strengthen investor-friendly enabling environments

  • INSTITUTIONS: Strengthening institutional arrangements and stakeholder capacity to ensure effective planning and implementation

  • BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Influencing behavior changes through leadership on gender, private sector, and stakeholder considerations

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