Senior Program Coordinator PPCR

Rachel Allen is the Senior Program Coordinator for the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR).  She is responsible for the coordination of the program in 28 countries.   

Before joining the PPCR, Rachel worked as an adjunct lecturer at the University of the West Indies while also serving as the Senior Climate Change Adviser to the Minister of Climate Change.  She was very involved in the UNFCCC process, serving as the lead negotiator of Loss and Damage, as well as an adviser to AOSIS on Ocean Acidification.  Her career in climate issues has led her to work in different capacities with various development partners across the Caribbean region, implementing essential climate change projects and initiatives. 

Rachel holds a BA in Environmental Science and Conservation Biology from Middlebury College, Vt., a post graduate diploma in Urban Environmental Management at the Institute of Urban Studies, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and a Master’s degree in Urban Environmental Management from Wageningen University, also in the Netherlands.  She recently submitted her doctoral work on the impacts of climate change on coral reefs --fisher perceptions and livelihoods (macro and micro economic impacts).