Energy Access and Gender Roundtable | The Hague, Netherlands | February 25th, 2015 

Objective: The meeting offers a platform for SREP new pilot countries to explore opportunities to integrate energy access and gender in their investment plans by bringing together SREP country teams and energy access and gender practitioners. The meeting will zoom in on individual county opportunities and potential roadblocks and provide specific attention to the added value of gender. 

Participants:  Range of CIF and SREP stakeholders, namely: new SREP pilot country representatives; Representatives of EnDev energy access programs in these countries; MDB TTLs and CIF focal points; CIF Administrative Unit; CIF contributor countries.
Meeting Facilitators: Jacob Waslander, Kadi Warner, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1:00pm-2:00pm    Inclusive impact of climate finance: What are the Issues? 

This session will highlight why additional attention is needed on incorporating energy access and gender issues in climate finance, and the experiences of EnDev on these topics, as a leading actor in promoting pro-poor, socially-inclusive energy investment in developing countries. The session will also clarify the expected outcomes from the roundtable discussions to follow.

2:00pm – 4:00pm    Working Sessions on Specific SREP New Pilot Countries and gender issues

Table Facilitators: Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Rapporteurs:  Pilot country representative

Small group discussions will be undertaken on a country basis by tables of country representatives, EnDev teams, SNV and other NGO representatives, and concerned MDBs. 

Participants in country roundtables will explore specific experiences and challenges in the SREP pilot countries. 

Discussion around SREP investment planning can include initial indications of priority areas for investment; opportunities, threats and way forward for country investments with gender inclusive approach; possible synergy between EnDev investment planning and SREP investment planning. Summarized on a flip-chart for report-back to the plenary in the final session of the day. 

Summarized on a flip-chart by each table for report-back to the plenary in the final session of the day. 

4:00pm- 5:30pm    Plenary Discussion and Conclusions

Brief presentations from each table on lessons learned and points requiring  attention and support 

Broader dialogue on conclusions, including comments from SREP coordinators of the MDBs.

Sharing of next steps, including reference to day’s conclusions in the Energy Access session on Feb 26, and the Gender session on Feb 27, and as inputs to further analytical work being undertaken during 2015 by CIF AU and Government of Netherlands on “Energy Access and Gender”.   

Summary Report on Gender Session in Feb 2015 SREP Meetings and Gender Roundtable by Ana Rojas, Gender Expert