Feature Story | Dec 05 2016

With the Paris Agreement in force, 2016 will be remembered as a landmark year for climate action. As the year draws to a close, 115 parties (and counting) have ratified an agreement over two decades in the making and that paves the way for a legally binding commitment to keeping global warming at no more than 2C above pre-industrial levels.

Munduruku Indians demonstrate in front of the offices of the Brazilian ministry of mines and energy in Brasilia. Photograph: Lunae Parracho/REUTERS
In the News | Nov 29 2016

Preventing deforestation is central to curbing carbon emissions – and a case study on the Amazon shows the most cost-effective way of doing it.

In the News | Nov 28 2016

Just four days before the US elections, the Paris Agreement officially became international law after receiving formal sign-off from 55 countries that contribute 55% of global greenhouse-gas emissions.

Feature Story | Nov 23 2016

After 18 months of careful preparations, the formation of a representative Steering Committee consisting of non-state actors and agreement on an initial work plan, civil society leaders and observers to the CIF’s trust fund (TF) committees launched the Stakeholder Advisory Network (SAN) on Climate Finance at COP 22 in Marrakech.

In the News | Nov 21 2016

A group of the countries most at risk from climate change said they would strive to make their energy production 100 percent renewable "as rapidly as possible", as part of efforts to limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

In the News | Nov 21 2016

World Bank Group member The International Finance Corporation (IFC) predicts that Turkey will attract about $28 billion in investments in renewable energy by 2020.

Feature Story | Nov 21 2016

Global efforts to tackle climate change are intrinsically tied to building new sustainable infrastructure, energy systems and economies.  That’s why during last week’s COP22 climate talks in Marrakech, Morocco, the Climate Investment Funds and the African Development Bank partnered to share lessons from their collective experience. 

Climate change is affecting communities far and wide, all in different ways [Didier Bizet/Al Jazeera]
In the News | Nov 18 2016

Some are affected by drought, others by extreme wet conditions, some by heat and others by harsh winters. 

Press Release | Nov 18 2016

At the UN’s global climate conference this week, governments and development partners came together to examine the role of financing in shaping some of Africa’s groundbreaking renewables successes such as Morocco’s Noor Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant. 

Press Release | Nov 18 2016

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a global solution. Canada is committed to strong action on climate change and is working with its international partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.