SREP Pilot Country Kenya's Menengai Geothermal Project
Reclassify | Apr 20 2012

The Menengai project is in Kenya's Rift Valley, and is being developed by Kenya's Geothermal Development Corporation with support from SREP through the World Bank and African Development Bank. (Read full story and watch the videos here and here)

Handover Workshops for New CIF Observers
Reclassify | Apr 18 2012

As part of the CIF's orientation programs for new observers, virtual handover workshops were conducted in early April for CTF, PPCR, SREP, and FIP respectively. The main objective of the workshop was to provide a venue for the outgoing observers and the incoming batch to share experiences and lessons and engage in dialogue about the roles and responsibilities of CIF observers.

Reflections from the Pilot Countries Meetings
Reclassify | Apr 17 2012

Following the PPCR pilot countries meeting held in Livingstone, Zambia in March, participants were invited to share their thoughts about, and key takeaways from, the meeting. The first contribution comes from David Kaluba, Chief Economist for Zambia's Ministry of Finance and National Development.

CIF Partnership Forum
Reclassify | Apr 03 2012

The 2012 Climate Investment Funds Partnership Forum will be held in Istanbul, Turkey between November 6 and 7, 2012 with associated events planned from November 1 to 5, 2012.

Building a Low Carbon Economy: Transformational Challenges
Reclassify | Feb 29 2012

Dirk Messner, Director of the German Development Institute, discusses strategic and policy measures that countries may consider adopting to accelerate their transformation to a low carbon economy. This paper is adapted from his presentation at the 2011 CIF Partnership Forum.

Enhancing Hydrometerological Monitoring in PPCR Pilot Countries
Reclassify | Feb 29 2012

This thematic note, prepared by CIF MDB partner the World Bank, provides information on why hydromet service provision and improvement are of relevance to countries seeking climate-resilient growth, and how PPCR is addressing this need.

PPCR Pilot Country Jamaica Uses Pop Music to Raise Climate Awareness
Reclassify | Feb 29 2012

Jamaican entertainers, including Lloyd Lovindeer, Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel, Boris Gardiner, Pam Hall and many others, have come together for the Voices For Climate Change Project, a national public education campaign on climate change being implemented by Panos Caribbean and Jamaica’s National Environment Education Committee (NEEC).

SREP and PPCR Hold Their Annual Pilot Country Meetings
Press Release | Feb 28 2012

This month, the meetings of countries participating in these programs will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, and Livingstone, Zambia, respectively. The events provide a space for countries to discuss experiences, lessons learned, and best practices in areas relevant to their program, and to exchange views on the design and implementation of systems to monitor results and manage knowledge.