2011 CIF Annual Report eReader version available now
Reclassify | May 18 2012

Titled 'CIF From the ground up - Investing in our green future', the 2011 CIF Annual Report eReader is available online. You can also choose to download and read individual sections from the report.

Biodiversity and Wind Energy
Reclassify | May 17 2012

Wind power is known mostly an environmentally-friendly energy resource. However, location does matter: wind farms, turbines and associated transmission lines can damage habitats and fauna, particularly birds and bats. CIF and BirdLife International recently held a consultation workshop about this issue.

CIF endorses new low-emission, climate resilient development plans for US$372 million
Press Release | May 07 2012

Two regional and five national investment plans under the four CIF programs were endorsed by the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) at the CIF Governance Committee Meetings which were held in Washington, D.C. from April 30 to May 4, 2012. These resources will provide access to over US$372 million in grants and concessional loans to address climate change challenges.

FIP Sub-Committee Meeting Highlights
Reclassify | May 04 2012

At its meeting on May 4, the FIP Sub-Committee endorsed the <a data-cke-saved-href="/sites/default/files/FIP_4_Brazil_IP_0.pdf' target=" href="/sites/default/files/FIP_4_Brazil_IP_0.pdf' target=" _blank"="">investment plan for Brazil and received updates on the investment plans for Indonesia and Ghana, which are currently under preparati

CTF Trust Fund Committee Meeting Highlights
Reclassify | May 04 2012

During its meeting on May 3, the CTF Trust Fund Committee endorsed the investment plan for Chile, which was presented by Sergio Del Campo Fayet, Vice-Minister of Energy, Government of Chile. After reviewing the status of CTF operations, the committee also set forth a process for managing projects arising from new investment plans, which will enable NigeriaIndia, and Chile to receive CIF funding for a portion of their investment plans. It also agreed on targets to monitor delivery of CTF projects.

Joint SCF-CTF Meeting Discusses Improvements to CIF Operations
Reclassify | May 03 2012

The Joint Meeting of the CTF and SCF Trust Fund Committees took place on May 1-2, 2012. Discussions focused on the progress made in implementing the Measures to Improve the Operations of the Climate Investment Funds.

Highlights of CIF SREP Sub-Committee and SCF Trust Fund Committee Meetings
Reclassify | May 02 2012

During its meeting on May 1, the SREP Sub-Committee reviewed the status of program operations, confirmed the endorsement of the investment plan for Ethiopia, and endorsed the revised SREP Results Framework. The afternoon meeting of the SCF Trust Fund Committee subsequently approved the endorsed SREP Results Framework and discussed the progress of the three targeted programs under SCF.

2012 CIF Governing Bodies Meeting Kicks Off
Press Release | May 01 2012

The first day of the five day meeting of the Climate Investment Funds governing bodies kicked off today in Washington, D.C. with the PPCR Sub-Committee (SC). Highlights included endorsement of five Strategic Programs for Climate Resilience (SPCRs) for DominicaCaribbean Regional TrackKingdom of Tonga and Pacific Regional Track, and Yemen.

Canada Contributes to Clean Technology Fund
Press Release | Apr 27 2012

In March, the Government of Canada finalized the terms of its new contribution to the Clean Technology Fund (CTF). The CAD 200 million contribution from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) increases the resources available to CTF to approximately USD 5 billion. Canada's participation in CTF comes at a particularly welcome time, as CTF seeks to meet significant unmet demand for funding.

Video: Climate Change in Dominica
Reclassify | Apr 27 2012

The landscape of Dominica has changed. Its pristine biodiversity now faces a multitude of threats most of which stem from climate change. Watch this video to learn more about how this Caribbean island nation is fighting climate change with assistance from the CIF's Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR).