Climate change is affecting communities far and wide, all in different ways [Didier Bizet/Al Jazeera]
In the News | Nov 18 2016

Some are affected by drought, others by extreme wet conditions, some by heat and others by harsh winters. 

Press Release | Nov 18 2016

At the UN’s global climate conference this week, governments and development partners came together to examine the role of financing in shaping some of Africa’s groundbreaking renewables successes such as Morocco’s Noor Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant. 

Press Release | Nov 18 2016

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a global solution. Canada is committed to strong action on climate change and is working with its international partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Feature Story | Nov 18 2016

Morocco knows it will be affected by climate change, it’s just a question of how badly. It is already feeling the effects:  The rate of economic growth fell to 1.5% this year because of a severe drought in 2015. 

In the News | Nov 17 2016

As the United Nations Climate Conference, known as COP 22, continued its work today in Marrakech, Morocco, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged greater efforts to mobilize funding to address climate change, especially to support developing countries.

In the News | Nov 16 2016

Now is the time to turn climate promises into "effective policies and actions", says U.N. secretary-general

 The flood-swollen Tawi River rages past the city of Jammu in northern India in 2014. STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images
In the News | Nov 16 2016

The devastation in floods, earthquakes or droughts is generally measured by how much stuff or assets people lose — say the number of wrecked houses and the dollar amount it would take to rebuild them.

In the News | Nov 14 2016

China is expected to play a pivotal role in consolidating and enhancing South-South partnership, particularly when it comes to issues related to climate change.

In the News | Nov 14 2016

 Natural disasters have a more devastating impact on the poor than widely thought, forcing some 26 million people into poverty each year and setting back global spending on goods and services by the equivalent of $520 billion annually, the World Bank said on Monday.

| Nov 11 2016

As the United Nations Climate Change Conference unfolds in Marrakesh, the World Bank released a report commending Morocco on its “vision” in constructing the Noor complex – the world’s largest solar power plant.