CIF $8.1 billion is attracting $57 billion co-financing to deliver investments at scale and empower transformation worldwide.

Shifting to low carbon, climate-resilient economies that can stabilize global warming at 2° Celsius and support ever-increasing aspirations of current and future generations requires major transformations. International cooperation that combines strong political will and policies, incentives, innovation, and scaled-up investment can achieve strong economic performance while reducing greenhouse gas emission.

Since 2008 the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) have been a leader in these efforts. With more than $8 billion in resources, expected to attract at least $57 billion in co-financing, the CIF is delivering investments at scale to empower transformations in the energy, transport, and forestry sectors, and climate-resilient development in 63 developing countries. 

The CIF 2014 Annual Report, "Delivering at Scale, Empowering Transformation," highlights emerging results and trends in the CIF portfolio, lessons being learned, and key highlights from 2014. 

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