The World Bank, acting as implementing entity in charge of operationalizing the Global Component of the DGM, is launching the selection process to identify a qualified and experienced organization to undertake the important role of Global Executing Agency for the Global Component (GEA). The selection is open to any organization, NGO or UN agency that has the ability to reach out to the eight FIP pilot countries and has institutional capacity for the assignment. 
This is a Recipient Executed activity. However, as the Global Steering Committee of the DGM is yet to be established, the World Bank is administering this selection. The World Bank is providing its e-selection tool (“eConsultant2”) to facilitate the process, including electronic submission of Expressions of Interest (EOI) to ensure that the selection process is transparent and fair and results in the selection of the most suitable agency at the most reasonable cost for this assignment. 
Interested organizations may apply through the eConsultant2 electronic portal here. The selection number for this assignment is 1111236. Please note that only organizations which are registered with eConsultant 2 will be able to submit their Expression of Interest through the electronic portal. To register your organization, please find guidance on the right hand-side of this page. 
The selection process is envisaged with the following steps:
1. Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) published on 06/11/13.  EOI Deadline: 07/16/13 at 11:59:59PM (EST)
Interested organizations are requested to send their EOI through eConsultant2 (electronic portal) of the World Bank in the format and by the deadline specified in the portal.  Click here for the link to eConsultant2. You may also see this notice on the UN Development Business portal
2. Preparation of Shortlist 
Approximately 4-6 weeks after the deadline for the EOIs, a shortlist of organizations will be prepared and the final shortlist will be posted on this website. 
3. Request for Proposals (RFP)
Launched in eConsultant2 on 10/01/13.  RFP Deadline: 10/26/13 at 11:59:59PM (EST)
The shortlisted organizations will be requested to provide detailed proposals for the assignment by the World Bank.
4. Evaluation of Proposals
A committee constituted for this selection will evaluate the proposals received as per the evaluation criteria in the RFP and select the highest scoring proposal. Evaluation will be concluded approximately six weeks after the submission of detailed proposals.
5. Notification and signing agreement
The World Bank will notify the selected agency. A financing agreement (grant agreement or contract as the case may be) would be signed only after the World Bank Board approval of the DGM, which is anticipated for 2014.
The committees for shortlisting and evaluation of proposals will include members from the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Administrative Unit of the Climate Investment Funds, co-chairs of the Transitional Committee of the DGM (or their nominees from the Transitional Committee) and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility.  Selection committee members will sign a statement on disclosure of conflict of interest and confidentiality prior to participation in the selection process. 
Relevant updates related to the selection process and the timeline will be posted on this website. 
For questions on the DGM, please contact the World Bank team: Madhavi Pillai ( or Veronica Jarrin (
For general inquiries, please email: