Village on a hillside in Nepal

PPCR Pilot Country Meeting - March 2012 in Livingstone, Zambia 

The fifth meeting of pilot countries and regions participating in the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) took place on March 12-13, 2012 in Livingstone, Zambia. There was also a field trip to local communities impacted by floods and droughts organized by the Government of Zambia on March 14, 2012. Photos from the week can be viewed here.

The objectives of the meeting were to provide a space for countries to discuss and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of maintaining a programmatic approach in the implementation of their PPCR Strategic Programs; and to exchange views on the design and implementation of systems to monitor results and manage knowledge. In addition, a segment on climate information systems and hydro-meteorological services was organized in recognition of the large proportion of PPCR pilot countries that plan to make investments in this area.


Final Program


List of Participants


Presentations and Related Documents:


Pilot Country Updates - Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned


Country Reports:

  • Bangladesh - Nasir Uddin, Ministry of Environment and Forestry
  • Mozambique - Xavier Chavana, Ministry of Planning and Development
  • Saint Lucia - Dawn Pierre-Nathoniel, Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Ronette Gordon, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

Maintaining a Programmatic Approach


Introduction - Andrea Kutter, CIF Administrative Unit


Country Presentations on Institutional Coordination Arrangements

  • Nepal - Meena Khanal, Ministry of Environment
  • Tajikistan - Ilhomjon Rajabov, PPCR Secretariat
  • Zambia - David Kaluba, Ministry of Finance and National Planning

Stakholder Engagement - Andrea Kutter, CIF Administrative Unit

PPCR Learning Product and Knowledge Management - Anna Hidalgo, CIF Administrative Unit


Measuring Results from Investments in Climate Resiliency


Pilot Country Presentations:

PPCR Results Reporting - Guido Geissler, CIF Administrative Unit


Revising the PPCR Results Framework - Guido Geissler, CIF Administrative Unit


Hydro-meteorological and Climate Information Services in the Climate Resiliency Agenda


The Importance of Hydromet and Climate Info Services - Kanta Kumari Rigaud, World Bank


Improved Climate Services in Support of Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development - Wayne Elliot, World Meteorological Organization


Summaries of Sessions


Summary of Common Challenges - Andrea Kutter, CIF Administrative Unit


Measuring Results - Guido Geissler, CIF Administrative Unit