Photo: Village on a hillside in Nepal

The fourth meeting of pilot countries and regions participating in the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) took place on Thursday, 23 June, 2011 at the Cape Town International Conference Center, Cape Town, South Africa.


Pilot countries and regions participating in the PPCR have reached different levels of progress. To date, six Strategic Programs for Climate Resilience (SPCRs) have been endorsed by the PPCR Sub-Committee. With this context in mind, the objective of this meeting was to bring countries together to discuss common issues of the preparation and implementation of the SPCRs, including the results frameworks, gender and stakeholder involvement, and to look at lessons learned so far on the basis of the PPCR learning brief.



Guide to the Program

List of Participants

Meeting Summary


Presentations and Associated Documents:

1.  Emerging Perspectives and Lessons Learned from PPCR Country Level Programming (presentation), PPCR Learning Brief (English, French, Spanish) (Erik Reed, CIF AU)

2.  The PPCR in Zambia (David Kaluba, Zambia MoFNP)

3.  Private Sector and Adaptation: EBRD Case Studies (Craig Davies, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

4.  Managing for Results: Implementation of the PPCR Results Framework (Guido Geissler, CIF AU)

5.  Gender and the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (Stacy Alboher, UNDP)

6.  New Climate Risk and Adaptation Country Profiles for PPCR Pilots (Claudio Forner, CIF AU)