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FIP Toolkit - June 2018
FIP Monitoring and Reporting Toolkit

Lessons from the Experience in Scaling-Up Energy Efficiency: Synthesis Report

Lessons from the Experience in Scaling-Up Energy Efficiency: Case Study Report

FIP Pilot Countries Meeting - Lao PDR - September 2017- Meeting Summary Report

External Gender Resources

Gender mainstreaming in the "Building Climate Resilience in the Pyanj river basin" project in Tajikistan (July 2015)

CIF’s Approach to Gender-Responsive Climate Finance

Gender and Wind Power

Gender and Climate Change in Yemen

Gender-Inclusive Designs in Climate Finance Projects: ADB’s Approach

Gender, Innovation, Adoption, Business: Adaptation, Investment Decision-making, and Agriculture

Gender, Renewable Energy, and Climate Change

Gender and Energy Access in the context of Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program (SREP)

Incorporating energy access into climate financing ‐ the experience of EnDev ‐

Linking gender, energy access and mitigation

Gender mainstreaming in Renewable energy Sector in Nepal (including in SREP)

Supporting pro-poor and gender sensitive energy investments

Incorporating Gender Concerns in the Resilience Agenda: IFAD Experiences in Social and Gender Targeting

Gender issue in forest and tree products use for household food security in Sudano-Sahelian area: the case of two villages territories in Burkina Faso

Strengthening Women's Participation in the Forest Sector

Forest restoration, food security, and adaptive capacity: what Gender considerations?

Gender and Social Considerations in Climate Adaptation: Implications for PPCR Programming

Promoting Resilience Through Gender Equity and Community Empowerment

Incorporating Gender Concerns in the Resilience Agenda: Experiences from FAO

Gender Knowledge Sessions FIP-FCPF Joint Knowledge Day (September 2017, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR) Summary of Gender Sessions

Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook. Module 15: Gender and Forestry (WB, FAO and IFAD)

ZAMBIA - National Climate Change Policy

Rwanda - Strategic Programme for Climate Resilience

Mexico: Sustainable Forests, Sustainable Communities

CIF Gender Policy