Population:20.7 million (2016)
GDP Growth:5.0 % (2016)

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CO2 Emissions per capita:0.1 metric tons (2014)
Inflation:0.2 % (2016)
Source: World Bank

Niger is one of the world’s poorest and most climate vulnerable countries, ranking second to last on the UNDP Human Development Index. High variability in terms of rainfall patterns makes the 80% of the population whose livelihoods depend on agriculture and livestock-based activities extremely vulnerable to climate-related hazards. Rapid population growth, droughts and floods, soil erosion and degradation, and poorly developed social protection and insurance mechanisms drive persistent economic and food insecurity and endemic poverty. Niger’s strategy for climate resilient growth and poverty reduction targets investments in the the nexus between climate-related risks, food security, and sustainable land and water management.

A child playing in Niger. - Photo: Shutterstock/Attila Jandi

...the percent of the population affected by malnutrition due to drought in 2010. - Photo: Shutterstock/Attila Jandi

To implement a climate adaptation-related strategic program designed by the government in coordination with the African Development Bank (AfDB), members of the World Bank Group (IBRD, IFC), and key Nigerien stakeholders, Niger will tap US$110 million in grants and concessional loans from the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). The priority objectives of Niger’s strategic program are to implement climate resilient land and water management programs at scale; to incorporate them into the structures of local and national government planning and budgeting mechanisms; and to improve the quality and accessibility of weather and climate information. Niger’s PPCR financing is expected to achieve transformative changes by scaling-up and integrating new and existing climate resilience considerations into local and national government structures, and by promoting unprecedented cooperation and coordination across and within the government and key stakeholder groups.