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MDB FOCAL POINTS (country level):

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Joint Mission: December 15-17, 2008
Notification to TFC Members 

Joint Mission: January 30- February 1, 2013
Completion Report

Second Joint Mission: March 19-20, 2013
Terms of Reference

Third Joint Mission: June 25-26, 2013
Terms of Reference


CTF Investment Plan for Mexico: Phase II | Presentation
Presented at the TFC Meeting on October 28, 2013 (Decision)

Update on Mexico's Revised CTF Investment Plan
Amendment to Revised Investment Plan | Proposed Decision
Endorsed by the Trust Fund Committee on September 10, 2013 (Decision)

Spain (September 9, 2013)
Germany (September 10, 2013)

Mexico - Revised Investment Plan | Presentation
Endorsed by the Trust Fund Committee on May 2, 2013 (Decision)

Mexico's CTF Investment Plan
Endorsed on January 30, 2009 (Decision)

Geothermal Financing and Risk Transfer Facility
Project Amendment 
Amendment Proposal | Proposed decision
Approved on January 17, 2018 (Approved Decision)
Comments and Responses
Original Project Details
Project Document | Independent Review | Proposed Decision
Approved on April 15, 2014 (Approved Decision
Approved amount(s): 
USD 31.5 million (loan funding)
USD 2.8 million (grant funding)
USD 20.0 million (contingent recovery grant funding)

Support to FIRA for the Implementation of an Energy Efficiency Financing Strategy for the Food Processing Industry
Project Details
Project Document | Proposed Decision
Approved on August 4, 2014 (Approved Decision)
Approved amount(s):
USD 1.57 million (Project Preparation Grant)
USD 78,500 (MPIS)
Comments and Responses:
United Kingdom (August 1, 2014) 

Project Preparation Grant
Project Document | Proposed Decision
Approved on June 5, 2014 (Approved Decision)
Approved amount(s): 
USD 430,000 (Project Preparation Grant)
USD 21,500 (MPIS)
Comments and Responses: 
United Kingdom (June 5, 2014) 

Ecocasa Program (Mexico Energy Efficiency Program Part II) 
Project Details
Project Document | External Review | Proposed Decision
Approved on August 15, 2012 (Approved Decision)
Approved amount(s):
USD 51.61 million

Renewable Energy Program, Proposal III
Project Details
Project Proposal | Project Document | Proposed Decision
Approved on October 13, 2011 (Approved Decision)
Approved amount(s):
USD 70.61 million

Efficient Lighting and Appliances Project
Project Details
Project Document | Proposed Decision | IBRD Project Portal
Approved on November 2, 2010 (Approved Decision)
Approved amount(s): 
USD 50.0 million

Note: This project was approved on September 2, 2010, but has been resubmitted due to changes in the original proposal.

Private Sector Wind Development
Project Details
Project Document | EDF La Ventosa Sub-Project | Proposed Decision
Approved on May 11, 2009
Approved amount(s):
USD 15.60 million

Energy Efficiency Program, Part I
Project Details
Amendment to Revised Investment Plan | Second Amendment | Proposed Decision
Approved on December 19, 2014 (Approved Decision)
Approved amount(s): 
USD 22.4 million

Project Preparation Grant
Project Document | Proposed Decision | Extension of Approval
Approved on May 4, 2011 (Approved Decision)
Approved amount(s):
USD 24.4 million

Public-Private Renewable Energy (IDB)
Project Details

Project Proposal | Proposed Decision
Approved on November 17, 2009 (Approved Decision)
Approved amount(s):
USD 53.38 million