Population:4.6 million (2016)
GDP Growth:-1.6 % (2016)

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CO2 Emissions per capita:0.2 metric tons (2014)
Inflation:8.8 % (2016)
Source: World Bank

The Govenrment of Liberia confirmed that it is their priority to accelerate the expansion of electricity access to the population and improve supply of reliable services essential for economic growth. Building up on the National Energy Policy (NEP) and the initial results achieved in rebuilding the electricity systems destroyed by the war, the GoL has an ambitious strategy to reach electricity coverage of 70 per cent of the population in Monrovia, and 35 per cent nationwide by 2030.9.

Liberia’s lack of electricity access (currently 1 percent access) and reliable services, and the high cost of electricity service (52 cent/kWh) remain key obstacles to the country’s sustainable economic growth. The installed generation capacity has increased to 22.6 MW of diesel-generated power, of which about 16-18 MW are effectively available. The peak demand has slightly increased from 4 MW in 2010 to 8.6 MW in June 2012. LEC has more than doubled its active customer base from 2,000 to 5,800 customers. The Government aims to reduce the cost of electricity through a progressive shift of the generation mix away from diesel plants towards HFO and renewable energies.