Population:73.5 thousand (2016)
GDP Growth:2.6 % (2016)

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CO2 Emissions per capita:1.9 metric tons (2014)
Inflation:0.2 % (2016)
Source: World Bank

Dominica, by its very nature is vulnerable, given its susceptibility to natural disasters and its ecological and economic fragility. Vulnerability to climate change in Dominica, like many developing countries, is aggravated by external pressures affecting its resilience and adaptive capacity. It is widely acknowledged that climate change will exacerbate impacts from natural disasters with enormous human and economic costs.

Dominica will use resources available under the PPCR to move forward in positioning climate change as a development issue rather than an environmental issue. Dominica’s Strategic Program for Climate Resilience will demonstrate viable interventions that address climate change risks within the context of a national development framework and establishes the country firmly on the path to a Green Economy.

A view of the dense rain forests with the fog-covered volcanic mountains in the backdrop in Dominica. - Photo: Shutterstock

…the percent increase in funding for adaptation in 40 vulnerable communities targeted under the PPCR

SPCR interventions will be sustained in the long-term by ensuring that climate change planning/management becomes an integral part of the national development planning process under Dominica’s Growth and Social Protection Strategy (GSPS) and Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development Strategy – the latter Strategy have been formulated under the SPCR planning process. In supporting the transition from government being solely responsible for climate change risk management to a country where this is a shared responsibility, SPCR interventions will support a model for transformational changes that could benefit other developing countries.