The third meeting of pilot countries participating in the Scaling-up Renewable Energy Program (SREP) took place on March 5-7, 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya.  There was also a field trip to the Olkaria Geothermal site organized by the Government of Kenya on March 10, 2012.  Photos from the week can be viewed here.


The objectives of the first two days of the meeting were to provide a space for countries to discuss experiences, lessons learned and best practices with regards to technologies, financing instruments, and private sector engagement; and to exchange views on the design and implementation of systems to monitor results.


In addition, one full day was focused on structured, case study-based learning using Kenya's experience developing their SREP Investment Plan.  Practitioners and experts from Kenya's SREP Team worked with Sue Canney, an expert facilitator, to deliver this substantive and interactive Learning Workshop.


Final Program


List of Participants


Presentations and Related Documents:


SREP Overview - Zhihong Zhang, CIF Administrative Unit


Pilot Countries' Presentations on Experiences, Successes and Challenges

  • Ethiopia - Gosaye Mengistie, Ministry of Water and Energy
  • Honduras - Evelyn Bautista, Ministry of Finance
  • Kenya - Bernard Osawa, Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Mali - Cheick Sanogo, National Energy Agency
  • Nepal - Raju Laudari, Alternative Energy Promotion Centre

Renewable Energy Technologies and Financing Models

IDCOL Renewable Energy Initiatives (extended version) - Nazmul Haque, Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (IDCOL - Bangladesh)

Lighting Africa - Nana Nuamoah Asamoah-Manu, International Finance Corporation

Technologies and Financing for Rural Electrification in Mali (French) - Alassane Agalassou, AMADER Mali

Proposed Business Model for Rural Telecom RE - Mohua Mukherjee, World Bank

Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN) - Claudio Alatorre, Inter-American Development Bank


Private Sector Engagement, with Energy+

Results of Private Sector Consultation - Energy+

Five Key Takeaways - Energy+


Measuring Results from SREP Investments

Pilot Countries' Presentations:

Institutionalization of Results Monitoring at the Country Level - Shahid Parwez, Asian Development Bank

Revised SREP Results Framework - Guido Geissler, CIF Administrative Unit

SREP Results Reporting - Guido Geissler, CIF Administrative Unit


Summaries of Sessions

Pilot Country Success and Challenges - Jamison Donovan, CIF Administrative Unit

Private Sector - Joumana Asso, CIF Administrative Unit

Measuring Results - Guido Geissler, CIF Administrative Unit

Field Trip to Olkaria Geothermal Site

Presentation on Geothermal Development in Kenya