The third meeting of pilot countries participating in the Forest Investment Program (FIP) took place on April 2-3, 2012 in Brasilia, Brazil. There was also a field trip organized by the Government of Brazil on April 4, 2012. 

The objectives of the meeting were to share innovative approaches to REDD+ investments and working with the private sector, indigenous peoples and local communities; and to exchange views on the design and implementation of systems to monitor results from REDD+ investments.

Final Meeting Report

Final Agenda


List of Participants


Field Trip Description


Presentations and Related Documents


Welcome and Introduction


Pilot Country Updates - Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned

  • Burkina Faso (English, French) - Samuel Yeye, Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (Successes, Challenges) - Victor Kabengele and Vangu Letete, Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, and Tourism
  • Lao PDR - Khamsene Ounekham, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Peru - Eduardo Durand, Ministry of Environment

Innovation in the FIP


Introduction - Gerhard Dieterle, World Bank


REDD+ Case Study: Forestry and Charcoal Sectors in Brazil - Fabio Marques, PLANTAR Carbon


REDD+ Case Study: Silvo-pastoral Landscapes in Colombia (Spanish, Portuguese) - Andres Zuluaga, FEDEGAN


Breakout Group Reports:

Linking Sustainable Agriculture and REDD - Daniel Nepstad, IPAM


Commodity Round Tables for REDD+, GHGs and Sustainability - Carlos Alberto de Mattos Scaramuzza, WWF-Brazil


Breakout Group Reports:

 Working with the Private Sector - Joumana Asso, CIF Administrative Unit


Measuring Results from REDD+ Investments


Introduction - Guido Geissler, CIF Administrative Unit


Monitoring in the Context of REDD+ Readiness Preparation - Alexander Lotsch, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility


Measurement and Evaluation Methods for FIP - David Skole, Michigan State University


Revising the FIP Results Framework - Guido Geissler


Working with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities


Introduction - Fisseha Abissa, CIF Administrative Unit


Ghana: Dedicated Grant Mechanism for IPs/LCs and the FIP Investment Plan - Raphael Yeboah, Forestry Commission


FIP Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indegenous Peoples and Local Communities - Andrea Kutter, CIF Administrative Unit