The second meeting of pilot countries and regions participating in the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) took place on Tuesday, 21 June, 2011 at the Cape Town International Conference Center, Cape Town, South Africa.


Most pilot countries participating in the CTF are now in the process of designing and implementing projects under their investment plans. This meeting offered an opportunity for country representatives to discuss experiences with the implementation of the CTF, focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Participants also had a focused discussion on the results framework with a view to moving forward with the implementation of systems for monitoring and evaluating results.



Guide to the Program

List of Participants

Meeting Summary


Presentations and Associated Documents:

1.  Overview of the CTF Portfolio (Zhihong Zhang, CIF AU)

2.  Emerging Perspective and Lessons Learned from the CTF Country Investment Plans Programming (presentation), CTF Learning Brief (English, French, Spanish) (Joumana Asso, CIF AU)

3.  Managing for Results: Implementation of the CTF Results Framework (Guido Geissler, CIF AU)

4.  Gender and the Clean Technology Fund (Tim Scott, UNDP)

5.  Clean Energy Innovations for Development (Daniel Kammen, World Bank)