SCF expert quality reviews

An ad hoc Expert Group was established for FIP, PPCR and SREP to make recommendations on the selection of country or regional pilots based on:

  • transparent vulnerability criteria;
  • country preparedness and ability to move towards climate resilient development plans taking into account efforts to date and willingness to move to a strategic approach to integrating climate resilience into development; and
  • country distribution across regions and types of hazards (as appropriate to a pilot program)

The Expert Group included a range of expertise covering scientific, economic, environmental and social aspects of climate change, governance and institutional and development planning. The Expert Group members were selected in accordance with clear and transparent criteria to be approved by the Sub-Committee, taking into account professional qualifications of the experts. The group included experts from both developed and developing countries. The Chair and Co-Chair of the Board of the Adaptation Fund, or their nominees, will be invited to participate in the nomination and selection process of the Expert Group.

The SCF Trust Fund Committee approved procedures to provide for an independent expert review of investment plans developed under the SCF with the objective of supporting countries to develop high quality investment plans and ensuring that investment plans meet the objectives, principles and criteria for the targeted program.  One set of procedures apply to the PPCR and SREP while separate procedures with some variations to those for the PPCR and SREP were approved for the FIP.

In early 2011, SCF investment plans under the three programs have been reviewed by independent experts. The reports are included as an annex in the investment plans, along with the Government and MDB response to the reports, and are made available through the country  pages under each the FIP, PPCR and SREP.


Procedures for the Preparation of Independent Technical Reviews of Investment Plans under the Forest Investment Program

FIP experts are selected from the roster of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility.


Procedures for the Preparation of Independent Technical Reviews of PPCR and SREP Investment Plans

SREP Roster of Experts
PPCR Roster of Experts 

A draft roster has been established for the PPCR and the CIF Administrative Unit and MDB Committee are taking steps to expand the current version.