Reserve list pilots

            Based on the recommendations of an expert group established by the SREP Sub-Committee, the Committee approved the following list of alternate pilots that could be considered should funding become available for additional pilot programs:


1.         Tanzania   (In March 2012, Tanzania was selected from the reserve list to become the seventh pilot country.)               

2.         Liberia (In January 31, 2013, Liberia was selected from the reserve list to become the eight pilot country.)              

3.         Yemen            

4.         Armenia                     

5.         Pacific region 

6.         Mongolia        



            At its meeting on November 1, 2011, the SREP Sub-Committee agreed that it would be beneficial for the countries on the reserve list to initiate work on the preparation of a programmatic approach to investing in renewable energy, recognizing that resources may not necessarily be available to finance the investment plans under the SREP but that financing may be available through other sources of climate finance.  The Sub-Committee also agreed that up to USD 300,000 may be provided to each of the countries on the SREP reserve list to enable the country to take a leadership role in working with the multilateral development banks (MDBs) to develop an investment plan.  


            Pilots on the reserve list have been invited to confirm their interest in developing the investment plans and to identify focal points for the program.  The following confirmations have been received: