Raising Awareness on Climate Change in Yemen

Yemen’s PPCR considers climate change awareness raising as one of its crucial issues. It has developed an overall awareness strategy and awareness raising materials on climate change in Yemen that can be used in guiding and enhancing the understanding of climate change impacts on various sectors and communities in Yemen.
To facilitate implementation of the awareness raising, seven different questionnaire forms were designed and used in surveys, to accommodate the status and levels of various stakeholder groups. The questionnaires  focused on the level of stakeholders’ understanding on climate change, the perception or risks of climate change, media involvement, the awareness messages that need to be conveyed to ordinary citizens, the involvement of NGOs, CSOs and vulnerable groups such as farmers and fishermen in decision makings related to climate change. Out of 500 questionnaires distributed, about 400 filled questionnaires were collected. 
Climate change awareness materials like posters, brochures, and newsletters were designed based on the ideas provided through wide stakeholder consultations including surveys, field visits and meetings at different levels. As a result, the posters below reflect what local people value and feel attached to. Awareness materials are being distributed to all target groups during the continued climate change related meetings, workshops and events at national, regional and local levels. Especially distribution through Al-Thawrah News Paper (the most popular news paper in the country) was found to be effective in urban areas.


Drought has reached an intolerable limit; we need to do more to adapt to climate change

Climate change is real …. Let's all contribute to mitigating its impacts

One of PPCR objectives is to enhance the resilience capacity of local communities, coastal and marine resources

Share in planting trees to reduce the impacts of climate change