Posted by Ian Gray on Mon 03/21/2016

Tough questions can come from the most unexpected sources.  As the father of three teenage children, starting a new job with the Climate Investments Funds as Forest Investment Program (FIP) Coordinator was a new experience in more ways than one.

As well as being the office newbie and having to learn the ropes there, my children - rather than just being aware that ‘dad works in forests’, which was the extent of their interest when they were younger - gave me a bit of a grilling

Posted by Mafalda Duarte on Tue 03/08/2016

When I started my career in the world of global development some twenty odd years ago, a number of female leaders inspired me. Rachel Carson had left an epic legacy with her book ‘Silent SpringWangari Maathai, the founder of the Green Belt Movement, had won a Nobel Peace Prize and Jane Goodall was reminding us all of nature conservation causes. And that’s just to name a few of those who were most visible.

Posted by Martin Hall and... on Fri 02/19/2016

Finance, technology and innovation are themes threaded throughout the Climate Investment Funds’ (CIF) work and a pioneering new project in Tajikistan is encapsulating all three in one package. 

Earlier this month, the CIFs Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Tajik government launched CLIMADAPT, a new project specifically dedicated to financing innovative technologies that will help make Tajikistan more resilient to climate change.

Posted by Gareth Phillips on Wed 02/10/2016
Mozambique 1
Farmers bring home a harvest at the PPCR-funded Baixo Limpopo Irrigation and Climate Resilience Project in Mozambique.
Posted by Mafalda Duarte on Thu 02/04/2016
Noor concentrated solar power plant is expected to supply 1.1 million of Moroccans with 500 MW of power by 2018. Photo: World BankCaption
Posted by Ou Chanthearith on Mon 02/01/2016

Learning about climate resilient development planning does not  happen from behind a desk. That's why Cambodia’s Adaptation Working Group, recently formed under the CIF’s Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR), headed to the country's flood plains to explore best practices and challenges for climate change adaptation. Adaptation – or creating a more resilient society - is crucial here in Cambodia, where climate change means drought and flooding have become more severe and frequent.

Posted by Martin Craig Hall on Tue 12/01/2015

2015 has been a landmark year for climate and development. March saw the agreement of the Sendai framework on Disaster Risk Reduction, June the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, September the Global Goals, and leaders are currently gathered in Paris at COP 21 to agree a global climate accord.

Posted by Franka Klingel ... on Wed 11/25/2015

Since 2010, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) have invested in joint projects worth more than US$ 2 billion. EBRD investments of US$ 1.1 billion were combined with CIF funds of US$ 255 million. CIF funds came as concessional loans, CAPEX grants and funds for technical assistance. The investments mobilised an additional UD$ 796 million of co-finance mainly from the private sector.

Posted by Gerhard Dieterl... on Tue 11/24/2015

Today’s REDD+ agenda recognizes that climate change mitigation and development are intrinsically connected, aware that the productive functions of forests must be part of the solution. Indeed, the drivers of deforestation are largely outside the forest sector, and the fight against deforestation and forest degradation cannot be won without addressing the rapidly growing demand for food, timber, fiber and wood-based energy and non-timber forest products.