Posted by Chris Head on Thu 12/15/2016

I’m the Private Sector Specialist with the Climate Investment Funds, an $8.3 billion portfolio of four climate finance programs working in 72 developing and middle income countries to drive climate-smart investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate resilience, and forestry. 

Posted by Berenice Hernan... on Wed 12/14/2016

I’m the Director of Financing within the National Forestry Commission of the Government of Mexico. The picture below is of where I was born, in a little town located in the mountains of Oaxaca. It was a great place to grow up and it was where I learned on a daily basis how important forests were to the livelihood of my community.

Posted by Leandro Azevedo on Tue 12/13/2016

I am a Senior Climate Finance Officer at the African Development Bank. We work to contribute to the economic growth and social progress of our African member states. Right now, I want to talk a little about the importance of energy to Africa and how Concentrated Solar Power – or CSP - can help.

Posted by Rachel Allen on Mon 12/12/2016

I lead the $1.2 billion Pilot Program for Climate Resilience, a funding window of the $8.3 billion Climate Investment Funds - a climate finance trust fund housed at the World Bank.  The PPCR assists national governments in integrating climate resilience into development planning. And we provide additional funding to put the plan into action and pilot innovative measures to pressing climate-related risks.

Posted by Julie De Moyer on Thu 12/08/2016

In the fight against climate change, we need solutions big and small-- the aviation industry is establishing mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions and small farmers are adapting climate-smart agricultural practices and production.

Posted by Jacqueline Sibanda on Wed 11/23/2016

After 18 months of careful preparations, the formation of a representative Steering Committee consisting of non-state actors and agreement on an initial work plan, civil society leaders and observers to the CIF’s trust fund (TF) committees launched the Stakeholder Advisory Network (SAN) on Climate Finance at COP 22 in Marrakech. 

Posted by Amal-Lee Amin a... on Mon 11/14/2016

Despite long, sleepless, negotiation nights, the domestic political changes of many parties, and the frustration of matching a tight schedule with an array of side events, COPs tend to be a place for hope. Marrakech is no exception.

Posted by Martin Craig Hall on Fri 11/11/2016

Sometimes you need to drill downward to move forward.  Turkey is tapping geothermal heat under the earth’s surface in an effort to meet the country's targets for renewable energy generation.

Geothermal power harnesses the earth’s heat to generate electricity. It’s a low-carbon, reliable, renewable energy source that has been in use for over 100 years.  It’s a baseload source of energy, meaning it does not depend on the sun shining, the wind blowing, or the capacity of batteries. That’s why Turkey is exploring new sites for geothermal power plants.

Posted by Jacqueline Sibanda on Mon 11/07/2016

The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) will the join the conversation at COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, as the momentum built at COP21, is harnessed by the entry into force of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The CIF will participate in three flagship events on November 14:

10 - 11:30 AM, Salle 2, Africa Pavilion (Blue Zone), No Risk, No Reward, co-organized with the African Development Bank. The session will explore the role of de-risking investment in realizing groundbreaking renewables projects in Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa.