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Imagine being a doctor who can't provide lifesaving drugs to his patients because the fridge that stores them at the correct temperature has no power.  Or an entrepreneur who can't create more jobs because energy blackouts make productivity too sporadic.

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After a year and a half of hard work on creating user friendly monitoring and reporting toolkits, the fruits are beginning to show with all four CIF programs now able to use their toolkits to report FY14 results.  It’s been a challenging but rewarding journey!

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Partnership Forum 2014
Remarks by Martha Stein-Sochas
Bloomberg New Energy Finance – The Future of Energy Summit 2014
New York, April 9, 2014,
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Liberia’s SREP investment planHenry Kimber and Augustus Goanue of Liberia’s Ministry of Land, Mines, and Energy presented Liberia’s SREP investment plan, which was endorsed for $50 million.
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The CIF's dedicated private sector financing aims to address barriers to private sector participation in climate-related investments, such as the high cost of geothermal test drilling. Photo: CIF
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 CIF’s competitive private sector set-asidesOver 30 proposals were received for the CIF’s competitive private sector set-asides. Winners will be announced in November 2013. 

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SREP Pilot Countries MeetingDelegates at the SREP Pilot Countries Meeting in Maldives May 2013 discussing issues linked to enabling environments for renewable energy investments