Posted by Ian Hayles on Mon 06/23/2014

Ian Hayles

How has the CIF benefitted Jamaica? Why is partnership such an important aspect of CIF? Jamaica's Ian Hayles, the State Minister in the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, and a Member of Parliament, explains.

Posted by Rose-May Guignard on Sun 06/22/2014

Rose-May Guignard

Joining us from afternoon session entitled Stakeholder Engagement in the CIF: Advances, Challenges, and Promises, Rose May Guignard of Haiti reflects on what stakeholder engagement really means. At the close of Stakeholder Day, she commends having a full day dedicated to stakeholder engagement within the CIF.

Posted by Christine Roehrer on Fri 04/18/2014

After a year and a half of hard work on creating user friendly monitoring and reporting toolkits, the fruits are beginning to show with all four CIF programs now able to use their toolkits to report FY14 results.  It’s been a challenging but rewarding journey!

Posted by Martha Stein-Sochas on Thu 04/10/2014
Partnership Forum 2014
Remarks by Martha Stein-Sochas
Bloomberg New Energy Finance – The Future of Energy Summit 2014
New York, April 9, 2014,
Posted by Suiko Yoshijima on Tue 03/11/2014
Happy belated International Women’s Day. The importance of women’s empowerment and gender equality in advancing development outcomes is increasingly accepted and the UN Commission for the Status of Women is currently discussing this and much more in New York.  However, the link between gender and climate has not always been as widely recognized. The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) pilot countries and partners have been developing ways to improve gender mainstreaming in CIF investment plans and projects. Take Yemen for example.